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Reactive Revealed: Part 3 - Resiliency, Failures vs Errors, Isolation (and Containment), Delegation and Replication in Reactive systems


With nearly 4000 people registering for the complete Reactive Revealed series, we're happy to conclude this exposed look into the bits and pieces that have defined the Reactive Manifesto, the Reactive Streams Initiative, and also the driving force behind our Reactive Platform and ConductR.

In Part 1, Akka engineer Konrad Malawski discusses the role of asynchronous, non-blocking I/O, back-pressure and the message-driven vs. event-driven approach in Reactive systems. In Part 2, Typesafe deputy-CTO Viktor Klang discusses how elasticity, scalability, location transparency and other traits are at the heart of Reactive systems.  

In this final part, Jonas Bonér, Typesafe CTO/co-founder and creator of Akka, explores the nature of Reactive systems and how they maintain resiliency with an infrastructural approach designed to welcome failure often and recover gracefully. Specifically we review:

  • What you should know about maintaining resiliency with monolithic systems compared to distributed systems
  • How Reactive systems handle errors and prevents catastrophic failures with isolation and containment, delegation and replication
  • How isolation (and containment) of error state and behavior works to block the ripple effect of cascading failures
  • How delegation of failure management and replication lets Reactive systems continue running in the face of failures using a different error handling context, on a different thread or thread pool, in a different process, or on a different network node or computing center

Watch the full 60-minute video


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