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Ready for Fast Data: How Lightbend Enables Teams To Build Real-Time, Streaming Data Applications

Proven Enablement Strategies For Large And Small Teams

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The business value of data is undeniable. Seeking competitive advantage, enterprises are working fast to close the gap between the arrival of data and the extraction of valuable insights. For many, traditional business decision support analytics is no longer fast enough. Enterprises need the ability to ingest, process, and analyze customer data in real-time.

This demand presents architects, developers, and operations staff with a bewildering and new set of technologies and techniques needed to effectively and efficiently design, build, and run these systems. So where do we start?

In this webinar with Mike Kelland, VP of Global Services at Lightbend, we will share some details of our specialized enablement strategy that allows teams of all sizes to successfully adopt Fast Data technologies and techniques. Based on over a decade of experience developing technologies that support real-time data streaming applications, Lightbend has the tools, expertise, and training courses you need to ramp up your team for Fast Data. We will review:

  • How to weigh the benefits and challenges of adopting a platform to support streaming, Fast Data applications.
  • Proven enablement strategies for large and small teams, using successful Lightbend customer stories as examples.
  • The details of how you can leverage these strategies for your team, including training, and dedicated experts to work 1-on-1 with your organization.

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