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Real-Time Fraud Detection with Lightbend Pipelines (Demo)

Real-Time Streaming Applications Done Right, And Made Easier 

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[Name change - Lightbend Pipelines is now Akka Data Pipelines]

In Lightbend Pipelines, the newest module in our flagship, Lightbend Platform, we’ve got something for everyone. Architects love Pipelines because it allows you to integrate easily with your existing microservices architecture and get unparalleled visibility and reusability of streaming components based on Akka Streams, Spark, and soon, Flink as well. Developers love Pipelines because it takes away a lot of boring and error prone manual configuration when working with technologies like Kafka and Kubernetes. Everything is wired up for you, and deep metrics are provided out of the box.

In today’s presentation by Lightbend Solution Architects Trevor Burton-McCreadie and Nolan Grace, we are focusing specifically on real-time fraud detection, yet there are various other real-time streaming use cases that can be optimized with Pipelines. As always, this webinar is made possible only by our hundreds of Lightbend subscribers, such as Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE), who is using Lightbend Platform to perform real-time issue detection and prevention for billions of sensors deployed across their global network of data centers. 

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  • 139% ROI
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