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Scala Days 2017 - Schedules Published For Chicago & Copenhagen Events

Schedule for Scala Days 2017 published!

We’re pleased (and relieved because it was a lot of work! (; ) to release the schedules of Scala Days Chicago and Scala Days Copenhagen online.

Our program is packed with talks about Scala, Akka, and Spark, Fast Data streaming and Microservices and more. Both Scala Days in Chicago and Copenhagen feature two workshop days on Tuesday and Wednesday and start with a keynote by Dr. Martin Odersky, the creator of Scala, on Wednesday evening. Thursday and Friday you will have the opportunity to choose between four concurrent tracks with sessions targeting different experience levels–and there’s always one session which is beginner friendly.

Expert picks. The highlights at Scala Days.

Scala Days provide the unique opportunity to get all the knowledge, experience, and conversations knowledge in one place, with industry luminaries presenting in both locations. Some talks we are especially looking forward to feature in both locations:

In Chicago, you will have the opportunity to see:

In Copenhagen, you can see:

2017 Scala Days Conferences will be held in Chicago on April 18 - 21, 2017 and in Copenhagen, on May 30 - June 2 ,2017. Stay up to date with @ScalaDays on Twitter!

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