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Scala IDE 2.1.0 Milestone 2

This week the Scala IDE team has released Milestone 2 of the upcoming Helium release, with several new features, an ecosystem of Scala-related plugins and a new way to explore Scala with the Scala worksheet! You can find out more about all the exciting new features by following the links.

Typesafe Scala IDE

To make it easier for new users, today we released the Typesafe Scala IDE, a full-featured IDE based on Eclipse! This is an Eclipse distribution that comes pre-configured and pre-installed with all the right Scala plugins. No more tweaking eclipse.ini, no more updating site configurations! Choose the right download for your platform (all three major OSs are supported) and start developing Scala right away! You can easily stay up to date by using Check for updates to be sure to never miss any new developments!

We hope you'll enjoy using our IDE and, as usual, please file tickets in the upstream project. And, as they say, if there's no screenshot it didn't happen, so here's one:






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