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Scalathon 2012 Conference and Training Discount


Preparation for Scalathon 2012, July 27-29 in Philadelphia, is well underway. In addition to the coding and social attractions of last year's successful event, this year's Scalathon provides opportunities for Scala training.

Typesafe and our partner Chariot Solutions are offering three Scala training classes in conjunction with Scalathon. Even better, Scalathon attendees are eligible for substantial discounts on the training fees.

The week prior to Scalathon, Chariot Solutions is offering the Fast Track to Scala course, probably the best way to dive head-first into Scala.

The week of Scalathon, Typesafe is offering Fast Track to Play and Fast Track to Akka, two of the exciting and powerful components of the Typesafe Stack.

With the discounts, these courses are a terrific value. If you've been waiting for a good opportunity to pester your employer to send you to Scala training, that opportunity is here. See the Scalathon Training page for complete details on the training offerings, including money-saving discounts codes.

And even if you can't make the training, please join us at Scalathon 2012. Last year was fun and informative. We're hoping this year will be even better.


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