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Scale By the Bay is in its sixth year, and it's Scala heart is bigger than ever

Markus Eisele Director Developer Advocacy, Lightbend, Inc.

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Scale by the bay is happening at Twitter HQ, the company we all know runs on Scala. For the first time at Twitter, Martin Odersky, the creator of Scala, is keynoting an opening the conference on November 15. Martin also joins the panel on the first day with Marius Eriksen, Julie Pitt, Bryan Cantrill, and Rúnar Bjarnason, moderated by Cliff Click.

Neha Narkhede, the co-creator of Kafka, written in Scala, and co-founder of Confluent, is keynoting Day 2 (11/16).

Pat Helland, now at Salesforce, who famously said that immutability changes everything, is keynoting the Day 3 (11/17).

The three tracks of SBTB faithfully represent the key uses of Scala — Thoughtful Functional Programming, Reactive Microservices, and End-to-end Data Pipelines up to ML/AI.

Lightbend's own Seth Tisue and Sean Glover will also be there. Seth covers Scala language ecosystem and how you can contribute to it, and Sean talks about Akka Streams and Alpakka Kafka connector.

2019 is the 15th year of Scala. To celebrate, we’re kicking off the 30 Years of Scala year — for the first 15 and the next 15 years of Scala! Come to see Martin Odersky, Bill Venners, and Jon Pretty speak and also reflect on what we learned and where we are going. The program features dozens of talks on Scala, Spark, Flink, numerous Akka uses, and more. The presenting companies include some of the biggest users of Scala, including Lightbend, Twitter, Workday, Credit Karma, Capital One, Twilio, Rally Health, Domino Data Labs, IBM, Spotify, Salesforce, and many, many more. See the full schedule for all the talks, speakers, and companies.

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