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Spring Integration Scala DSL Announced

Today SpringSource announced the first milestone release of the Spring Integration Scala DSL.

Quoting the SpringSource announcement:

"The Spring Integration Scala DSL is a Domain Specific Language written in Scala with the goals of:

  • providing a strongly-typed alternative to XML configuration for Spring Integration
  • raising awareness about Spring Integration in Scala community
  • providing first class integration with various Scala frameworks and products such as Akka
  • providing seamless integration with Java where Scala developers can still leverage their existing Java investments"

The SpringSource blog post includes examples of the DSL and screencast demonstrations, as well as links to the project's GitHub web site, a comprehensive Introduction, a guide to Getting Started, a DSL Reference and more. 

Chris Mayer at jaxenter.com also covered the announcement in an article posted today, noting the release as another step in Scala's "ascent into the world of comprehensive enteprise support".

We're excited to see this project release as another way to accelerate adoption of Scala, Akka, and the Typesafe Stack among the Spring developer community.  Thanks to Oleg Zhurakousky and the team at VMware SpringSource behind this project.


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