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The Future of Services: Building Asynchronous, Resilient and Elastic Systems

Avoiding traditional anti-patterns with Jamie Allen

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Microservices has become a difficult term to pinpoint as more people use it to describe various approaches to building service-based applications. Many of these approaches have become anti-patterns to scale, such as sharing code between services and traditional monolithic CRUD data storage strategies.

The whole idea of embracing Microservices architectures is to accelerate teams, reduce dependency nightmares, and increase application throughput. So how can you avoid traditional anti-patterns when starting a new Microservices project?

In this talk by Jamie Allen, noted author, speaker and Senior Director of Global Solution Architects at Lightbend, we will focus on how to avoid traditional anti-patterns when building your next generation of services. Jamie describes the requirements for constructing elastic, resilient service-based applications that can handle tremendous amounts of data in real time, and to discuss the new Lightbend framework for Microservices-based applications called Lagom.

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