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The Need For Speed: Fast Data Development Trends 2017

Insights from over 2,400 developers on the impact of “Data in Motion” in the real world

Back in May 2017, we launched our annual charity survey that looked into the rapidly evolving Fast Data, Streaming, and IoT ecosystem. We're thrilled that we received over 2400 responses—reaching our goal of $5000 donated to charity—as well as the opportunity to deeply examine the responses of thousands of developers regarding fast data adoption trends across three key areas—business value, use case, and technology.


Sneak Peek Of What You'll Learn Inside

1. Finding Fast Data Value Is Clear: Senior Management Buys In

Unlike its big data counterpart, fast data appears to be more intuitive from a business value perspective. In fact, 60% of senior management can effectively link strategic value to projects when data is in motion. Management in some industries, however, is getting it faster than others.

2. Finding Batch vs Streaming: Where Speed Really Matters

The move to real-time data is accelerating. Developers say 90% of their data processing workloads include a real-time component. The need for speed increases as use cases climb the maturity curve. Rather than batch versus streaming, enterprises will need batch and streaming to succeed with fast data.

3. Technology Shifts: Fast Data Shakes Up Traditional Stack

Developers are in the driver’s seat with regards to tech selection, with 55% saying they are choosing new frameworks and languages based on fast data requirements. But where the new ecosystem of streaming engines is concerned, developers and architects say they need guidance to choose the right tools.

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