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The Prime View: Lightbend’s Akka Platform Facilitates Serverless Architecture


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Jeremy Pollock, VP of Product and Developer Platform at Lightbend video chats with The Prime View about Akka Serverless. A new offering from Lightbend that enables any developer to build massively scalable, extremely fast applications. 

"Akka Serverless gets rid of the inherent complexity in building business-critical apps that can scale to great heights and deliver near-instantaneous performance and keeps the focus of building on only what the developer needs to worry about: codifying business requirements and shipping this into production."

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Read the transcript of the conversation or view more of Jeremy's video chats with The Prime View on Akka Serverless and other topics such as the acquisition risks. 


Akka Serverless is now Kalix. Learn more at


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  • 139% ROI
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