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Ticketfly builds powerful reserved seating engine with Scala and Akka

Yesterday we blogged about a new customer case study with Lucid Software, and today we’re excited to release another successful customer testimonial with the hugely successful ticket company, TicketFly. Ticketfly is an integrated ticketing and digital marketing platform for event promoters and venues, from standing-room-only clubs to festival grounds and arenas with reserved seating. The Ticketfly platform provides a full suite of integrated ticketing, social marketing, email and analytics tools that streamline operations and increase ticket sales.

This compelling use case illustrates how Andrew Headrick, Ticketfly’s Platform Architect, selected Scala and Akka to craft a powerful reserved seating engine (something that is notoriously complicated to build because of it’s rapidly changing state), that could easily scale, handle bursty and unpredictable traffic patterns and compete with online ticket scalpers. Read the full case study here, and head over to Ticketfly to check out their local venues and events.


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