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Typesafe aids CCAD in managing cable operations

Check out our newest case study with CCAD, an organization that helps cable companies worldwide deliver audio/video content to subscribers. A joint venture between Comcast and Arris Group (which acquired Motorola Home), CCAD focuses on the development of future conditional access technologies, and supporting infrastructure deployed among major operators worldwide. This success story is a great example of how the Typesafe Reactive Platform and Typesafe Together work to enhance developer productivity, improve code quality and remove locking and contention. 

According to Michael Pilquist, Chief Software Architect at CCAD, "The quality level of what we produce with Scala, Akka, and functional programming  techniques is so high. Our product marketing team and our product owner have made numerous comments about the technology stack’s contribution towards both this quality level and reduced qualification and regression testing."

We were so happy CCAD was able to share their story with us- read the full case study to learn more.


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