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Typesafe Newsletter - November 2012 Wrap Up

Here is the top Typesafe, Akka, Play, and Scala news for November 2012. Subscribe now to get the Typesafe newsletters in your inbox each month.

Scala Leads InfoQ's "Next JVM Language" Poll
InfoQ is polling developers about their "Next JVM Language" and currently Scala leads with 78% saying it's ready for adoption. It is great to have so many developers excited about the future of Scala!

New Release Candidates for Akka, Play, and Scala
Typesafe's open source projects have posted new release candidates:

Please try out these releases and let us know if you run into any problems.

Videos from Scala eXchange 2012
The Scala eXchange 2012 conference was packed with great content! In case you weren't there you can still watch the session recordings by going to the session list and clicking a "View the podcast here..." link. Make sure you check out Martin Odersky's Keynote and the other great talks!

Video Leadership Series and Typesafe YouTube Channel
We've launched a new Video Leadership Series and the Typesafe YouTube Channel. The first video in the series was recently recorded at Intel during a San Francisco Scala meetup. James Baldwin, General Manager of the Engineering Division of Intel Media, opens the video with an overview of the value Intel sees Scala playing in the future of software development.

Typesafe Developer Contest Wraps Up with 65 Contenders
The Typesafe Developer Contest challenged developers to build beautiful apps with Play, Akka, and Scala. It was great to see so many developers participate! All 65 submissions are currently being judged and the winners will be announced on the Typesafe Blog.

Gradle 1.3 Improves Scala Support
The Gradle build tool version 1.3 has been released with improved Scala support, including faster Scala compilation and better Scala IDE support.

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