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Typesafe Platform Powers UK Broadcast Powerhouse

A UK broadcaster required an innovative solution to tackle an increasing business intelligence problem, so they turned to Valtech, a Global Digital Media Agency, to turn their product vision into reality. Always looking for the most suitable and efficient tool for the job, Valtech selected the Typesafe Platform; the combination of a Rapid Application Development web framework, scalability,and interoperability with the Java ecosystem made it a compelling offering. 

Here's a summary of the benefits Valtech's broadcast client saw after turning to the Typesafe Platform:

  • The concise nature of Scala, complimented by the asynchronous nature of Play Framework and Akka made a solution that scales, without compromising the clarity of the code base.
  • Experience shows that the Typesafe Platform consists of technologies that can enthuse Java and C# developers alike, whilst creating quality solutions for the enterprise.
  • For Valtech, the Scala ecosystem has level of maturity that opens the floodgates for usage in the wider development community.

Valtech is now using Scala and the Typesafe Platform for other projects, and it is now part of their solution toolkit. Read the full case study to learn more!


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