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Why I Love Akka: Video With Colin Breck

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Take a moment to watch Colin Breck, System Architect and Engineering Manager, describe how Akka makes his life easier, and why Akka is a great match for cloud native applications.

"Akka was cloud native before there was such a term."

How does Akka make your life easier?

"Akka provides incredibly reliable, tools for distributed computing and streaming and the runtime solves many of the hard problems allowing me to compose these tools together and focus mainly on functional programming in Scala."

Why is Akka the ideal match for cloud native applications?

"So, I work mainly in the IoT and operational technology space, Akka is great for modeling entities like individual IoT devices, including modeling their state and failure modes so I can focus on modeling individual entities and then the runtime handles scaling needs to millions. Akka was kind of cloud native before there was such a term. But actors and streams can model fine-grain failures and dynamics and they really complement infrastructures like Kubernetes, that handle more coarse-grain failures and dynamics."

Inspired by what Colin has to say about Akka? Why not sit down with us to see Akka in action? We'll demo what Akka looks like in production as part of a subscription to Lightbend Platform, including observability, telemetry, and system health monitoring as well as Akka resilience and persistence enhancements.




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