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WEBINAR: Why IBM and Lightbend

Accelerating Cognitive Development With Scala And Java


In this webinar co-presented with IBM, Karl Wehden, Director of Product Management at Lightbend, and Sebastian Hassinger, who leads the Developer Partners and Ecosystems team at IBM, discuss IBM's recent strategic investment in Lightbend to bring Reactive solutions to IBM Platforms. In their conversation, we review what this means for JVM developers working with Scala and Java, why IBM chose to partner with Lightbend, what our upcoming joint solutions may look like, and how you can start learning more about technologies like Reactive Platform with IBM Watson, IBM Bluemix, and others. 

  • Why did IBM choose to partner with Lightbend, and vice a versa - what intrigued Lightbend about partnering with IBM?
  • Why is Scala important to this vision of the “Cognitive Era”?
  • What types of companies are creating these types of cognitive applications, and what do you see this partnership doing to help them accelerate their efforts?
  • What tools and technologies will we see begin to collaborate first?
  • In which other IBM products and services will we see Lightbend technologies appear as a joint solution
  • What is the impact on JVM developers, the tools they use and how they get started with these technologies?

Check Out The 30-Min Video


Where To Learn More

If you are new to Scala, or anxious to start coding, we've got a nice set of resources to help you get started:




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