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Why Use Akka? Five Engineers Explain (3min Video)

How Does Akka Make Your Life Easier?

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In this compilation video, we ask five engineers with experience using Akka how this distributed systems toolkit has made their lives easier. Enjoy the show, and check below to see quotes and links to the individual videos as well!

Colin Breck: Modeling Entities For IoT

"Akka is great for modeling entities like individual IoT devices, including modeling their state and failure modes so I can focus on modeling individual entities and then the runtime handles scaling needs to millions."

Colin Breck, System Architect and Engineering Manager (see full video)

Helena Edelson: Code As The Event Stream

"What sets Akka apart from traditional event-streaming platforms is that your code actually runs in the event stream as the event stream, versus merely using or calling out to it–so it's incredibly seamless because your code is actually within and running it at the same time."

Helena Edelson, Principal Engineer (see full video)

Hugh McKee: Failure Considered Part Of The Architecture

"There was so much joy for me when I wrapped my head around doing things with Akka and actor systems. It was so much fun to build systems that never failed, where we focused on building new features that considered failure as an architectural feature of the entire system."

Kiki Carter: Modeling The Real World

"Once I really started to dig into Akka and the actor model and truly get an understanding about what it meant to model the world around you, to model state, to model message passing, to model resilience and elasticity, that's when it actually clicked to me that this really fits and this really helps me to solve the problems that I have at hand."

Kiki Carter, Principal Enterprise Architect (see full video)

Manuel Bernhardt: In Memory State Management

"Akka is quite unique because only a few frameworks out there have really started to think about all of this in-memory state management problem, and Akka is at the forefront of that."

Manuel Bernhardt, Reactive Systems Consultant (see full video)

Is Akka Right For Your Project?

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