Created by the team behind Akka, Play Framework, and the Reactive movement—Cloudstate brings powerful new distributed and durable state management primitives based on Akka to the Serverless paradigm.

Serving of stateful functions powered by Akka Cluster

Next-Gen Stateful Serverless

Build highly consistent, resilient state models for your enterprise by leveraging Knative, gRPC, Akka Cluster, and GraalVM running on Kubernetes.

Polyglot by Nature

Services can be written in any language that supports gRPC. Current client libraries include Javascript, Go, Java, Scala, C#.

Powered by Akka

The runtime behind some of the world’s largest webscale properties is now yours to leverage… without the complexity of learning how to manage distributed state.

Cloudstate developer support, education, and services for
serious enterprises are all part of a Lightbend subscription