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ADTMag: Lightbend and IBM Collaborate on AI App Dev Tools

John K Waters from ADTMag reports:

Lightbend and IBM are teaming up to develop a complete toolchain for Java and Scala developers building and deploying AI and cognitive applications in on-premises and cloud environments, the two companies announced today. As part of the move, IBM is taking a "major" equity stake in Lightbend, undisclosed at press time.

Lightbend, the company behind the creation of the Scala language and developer of the Reactive Platform, has worked with IBM in the past, most notably leading IBM's Big Data University's core curriculum. But this new relationship promises to accelerate the adoption of Lightbend technologies significantly, especially in cognitive/AI app development.

"This relationship becomes what you might call the tip of the spear, bringing the Java and Scala communities into the cognitive/AI world," Lightbend CEO Mark Brewer told ADTmag.


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