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eWeek: 5 Technologies You Need to Build an IoT Application

[Note: this slideshow by Darryl Taft originally appeared on eWeek.com]

The internet of things (IoT) is transforming businesses by making them data driven. In IoT, devices communicate with each other and send data across many types of networks both inside a company's infrastructure and in the cloud. The device data is stored, sent to customers or used for analysis. Developing solutions to make sense of all that real-time data is not easy. Enterprise applications collect time series data, which requires aggregation and analysis to be useful, but optimally storing and analyzing time series data with traditional databases is often not possible. Sensor and device data comes in at high velocity with a variety of data formats and at massive volume. This requires a database that can read and write time series data fast. Using a technology stack geared specifically toward eliciting value from IoT data can make that task much easier. Based on interviews with executives at Basho Technologies, this eWEEK slide show identifies five technologies that enterprises need to build an IoT application.

Akka, for example, is especially good at managing failure, even when a million different actions are taking place simultaneously, such as sudden activity spikes on a series of services handling IoT data.


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