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Martin Odersky, Matei Zaharia and Heather Miller to Keynote Scala Days New York

Today we announced that Lightbend co-founder and creator of Scala, Martin Odersky, will deliver the opening keynote address on Monday, May 9, 2016 in New York City, followed by Heather Miller, Director of the new Scala Center at EPFL, on May 10th. Matei Zaharia, creator of Apache Spark, delivers the closing keynote on Wednesday, May 11, 2016.

The three-day conference will be held May 9 - 11, 2016 at the New World Stages in New York City and be followed by hands-on training courses May 12 and 13, 2016 at the AMA Executive Conference Center. Scala Days Europe will be held the next month in Berlin at the bcc on June 13 through 17, 2016. Early-bird discounts for New York Scala Days close Wednesday, March 16. Register now and save $100. Last year's conferences in San Francisco and Amsterdam were sold-out events.

"There is no better venue for networking and sharing with your programming peers than Scala Day conferences," said Adriaan Moors, Scala tech lead at Lightbend. ''We encourage everyone interested in Scala, Reactive Platforms, Akka, Play Framework and the latest developments in building scale-out architectures to attend this unmatched event."

The conference will bring together developers from all corners of the world to share their experiences and new ideas around creating applications with Scala and related technologies, like Akka and Play Framework. Scala Days provides a unique opportunity for Scala users to interact with the contributors to the language and related technologies and connect with fellow developers. Leaders from Scala User Groups and communities around the globe, students and language contributors, will gather to discuss academic research, use cases and visionary projects.

Sponsors of New York Scala Days Conference

  • Platinum: Bold Radius, Cake Solutions, Tapad
  • Gold: 47 Degrees, Jetbrains, Chariot Solutions, Two Sigma
  • Silver: Software Mill, Virtus Lab, Angie's List

About the Keynote Speakers

Martin Odersky created the Scala programming language and is a professor in the programming research group at EPFL, the leading technical university in Switzerland. Throughout his career, Martin's singular objective has been to make the basic job of writing programs faster, easier and more enjoyable. In the process, he has personally written more lines of Java and Scala code than almost any other individual in the world. He wrote javac, the compiler used by the majority of today's Java programmers, and scalac, the compiler used by the fast-growing Scala community. He authored "Programming in Scala," the best-selling book on Scala. Previously he has held positions at IBM Research, Yale University, University of Karlsruhe and University of South Australia, after having obtained his doctorate from ETH Zürich as a student of Niklaus Wirth, the creator of Pascal.

Heather Miller is a US NSF Graduate Research Fellow and PhD student working on the Scala programming language at the Programming Methods Laboratory (LAMP for short) under the supervision of Professor Martin Odersky. Known as the Scala Czar, Heather was born in and lived all over the US before moving to Switzerland.

Matei Zaharia is an assistant professor at MIT CSAIL, where he works on computer systems and big data as part of the PDOS and bigdata@CSAIL groups. He is also co-founder and CTO of Databricks, the big data company commercializing Apache Spark.

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