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Reactive Summit 2016 Announces Speaker Lineup Featuring Netflix, PayPal and Twitter

The program committee for Reactive Summit 2016–taking place in Austin, October 4-5–today unveiled a speaking lineup that includes Reactive System Design's foremost early adopters and experts.

Netflix will share how Reactive helps it handle more than 700 billion events per day in the cloud. PayPal will discuss back-pressure with Akka Streams in major data streaming architectures. Twitter will describe its Fast Data pipeline with Kafka at its core. Mesosphere's keynote will cover patterns for operating containers, microservices and stateful big data services in production. Sponsors for Reactive Summit include 47 Degrees, Accenture, Cake Solutions, IBM, Mesosphere and PayPal.

Early Bird Registration ends August 31, with only 200 passes remaining. Sign up here if interested to attend.

Lightbend is the host of the Reactive Summit, and Lightbend CTO and Co-Founder Jonas Bonér is the original author of the Reactive Manifesto–the canonical document that outlines the principles of the Reactive movement. The manifesto has been translated into 11 foreign languages and secured more than 15,000 signatures from developers who share the view that Reactive embodies the required characteristics of the modern application, built for the reality of massive numbers of concurrent users, cloud deployment, multi-core servers, and the rigors of today's data volumes.

"The program committee has pulled together a great lineup of speakers to share ideas on microservice-based systems and fast data architectures for streaming applications," said Bonér. "This is a unique learning experience in an intimate setting capped at 500 attendees. If you are interested in expanding your knowledge of Reactive System Design, just beginning to explore microservices and fast data pipelines, or want to get ideas on how to modernize your enterprise, Austin is the place to be."

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