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Typesafe Announces Commercial Support for Play Framework 2.0

Typesafe Announces Commercial Support for Play Framework 2.0

Beta release of modern web application framework for Java and Scala is available today

DEVOXX, Antwerp, Belgium. (Nov. 16, 2011) — Typesafe, the Scala company, today announced that the Play web application framework will be integrated into Typesafe Stack 2.0, slated for release in early 2012. In addition, Typesafe and the Play team announced the immediate availability of the beta release of Play framework 2.0, which includes native support for Scala and the Typesafe Stack.

Typesafe will integrate the Play framework with the other components of the Typesafe Stack, including the Scala programming language and core libraries; Akka event-driven middleware; Simple Build Tool (sbt); and the Scala IDE for Eclipse. Typesafe will also extend its Typesafe Subscription commercial offering to include commercial support, maintenance, and deployment tools for the Play framework.

The Play framework is a high productivity open source web application framework heavily inspired by Ruby on Rails and purpose-built for the Java and Scala programming languages. In the new 2.0 release, Scala support moves from a separate module to the core of the framework, which has been designed from the beginning to natively support both Java and Scala as application development languages. Play framework 2.0 builds on key components of the Typesafe Stack to make it easier than ever for both Java and Scala web developers to leverage the benefits of a modern software foundation.

In addition to native Scala support, other new features in Play framework 2.0 include:

  • Brand new build system with native Java and Scala support;
  • Simplified database access and fast, statically typed templating support;
  • Integration with modern concurrency features like actors and asynchronous request processing;
  • Enhanced development experience for Java developers.

Guillaume Bort, creator of the Play framework and co-founder of Zenexity, will join the Typesafe Advisory Board.  Typesafe and Zenexity, a leading provider of Web Oriented Architecture consulting and solutions, also announced a partnership to collaborate on commercial projects as well as the development of the Play framework in the open source software community.

“Scala and the Typesafe Stack provide the scalable, reliable, and highly concurrent capabilities that contemporary web oriented architectures demand,” says Guillaume Bort. “We look forward to working with the Typesafe team to offer developers a powerful new choice when building modern web applications. “

“The Play framework offers an excellent mix of productivity, performance, scalability, and approachability with first class support for both Java and Scala,” says Martin Odersky, Chairman and Chief Architect at Typesafe, and creator of Scala. “With the addition of a well-integrated, high productivity web application framework to the Typesafe Stack, we’re making it simpler than ever to build web applications for the modern era of multicore and cloud computing.”

To learn more about Scala and Play framework, visit the Typesafe booth at Devoxx.
Online Resources

  • Visit the Play framework 2.0 website
  • Read the Typesafe blog post
  • Stop by the Typesafe booth at Devoxx 2011
  • Visit the Typesafe website
  • Visit the Scala website
  • Follow @typesafe on Twitter

See Typesafe and the Play Framework team in Action at Devoxx 2011

  • Guillaume Bort, Play framework creator, Zenexity co-founder and Typesafe advisor, and Sadek Drobi, CTO of Zenexity to present on Wednesday, November 16 at 12:00 – 13:00 CET
  • Jonas Bonér, Typesafe CTO, to present on Thursday, November 17, at 10:50 - 11:50 CET
  • Martin Odersky, Typesafe Chairman and Chief Architect to present on Thursday, November 17, at 12:00 - 13:00 CET

About Play Framework

The Play framework is an open source web application framework for Java and Scala. Play framework is heavily inspired by Ruby On Rails’ ease of use while it provides a high productivity web development environment for Java and Scala. Play framework offers a fresh alternative to bloated and cumbersome enterprise Java web frameworks. Play focuses on developer productivity and targets modern, RESTful architectures. For more information, please visit http://www.playframework.org/ or follow Play framework on Twitter at http://twitter.com/playframework.

About Typesafe
Typesafe, the Scala company, provides the most scalable software platform designed for the computing architectures of the future—multicore, parallel and cloud applications. It does this through Scala, the 100 percent Java-compatible programming language created by Typesafe co-founder Martin Odersky for modern computing architectures. Scala has a rapidly growing community of users and contributors, and is proven in production with some of the world’s most highly trafficked web properties, including Foursquare, LinkedIn and Twitter. The company’s Typesafe Stack provides a Scala runtime and Akka middleware solution with tools to accelerate Scala development. Typesafe provides subscription support, training and services for organizations ready to bet their software architecture on Scala.

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