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Typesafe Delivers New Monitoring Solution for Akka-Based Applications

Typesafe Monitoring Now Available With Reactive Platform Subscription; New Functionality Brings Deep Insight Into Actor Metrics Within Akka-Based Applications

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 9, 2015) - Typesafe, provider of the world's leading Reactive Platform and the company behind Play Framework, Akka, and Scala, today announced the launch of Typesafe Monitoring. Recommended for any enterprise running Akka-based applications on the Java Virtual Machine, it is available to purchase today through an annual subscription to Typesafe Reactive Platform, and free to evaluate during development. For immediate access, visit: https://www.typesafe.com/products/typesafe-monitoring

In its recent report Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2016, Gartner cited that monolithic application designs are giving way to a more loosely coupled integrative approach. This is similar to the asynchronous, distributed nature of Reactive applications built using Akka. Monitoring these loosely coupled distributed systems has created new challenges in terms of service discovery, state, and tracking errors and failures in real-time.

By leveraging intimate knowledge about Reactive applications, Typesafe has instrumented the Reactive Platform to provide the most useful set of metrics for developers and operations with its new Typesafe Monitoring release. Since the solution is optimized for Akka-based applications, it has the ability to track the many asynchronous messages typical to Actor architectures in an ultra-fast manner, resulting in powerful new capabilities in anomaly detection and resolution.

"Truly resilient and elastic Reactive services use an Actor-based notion of management when it comes to state, processing and storage of information," said Viktor Klang, Deputy CTO for Typesafe. "Typesafe Monitoring exposes instrumentation hooks which enrich the run-time information inside Akka-based applications that follow these design patterns. We believe Typesafe Monitoring is a major breakthrough for monitoring Akka-based applications, and also a stepping stone to redefining how enterprises visualize, track and tune their Reactive systems."

The first release of Typesafe Monitoring is focused on Akka and includes configurable actor metrics, actor-specific events -- such as unhandled messages and dead letters -- and support for marking transaction traces across actors and leverages Takipi for visualization.

"Our focus with Typesafe Monitoring is on getting the right information out of Reactive Platform applications and integrating with existing monitoring solutions, including direct integration with custom and in-house monitoring infrastructure in the future," said Peter Vlugter, lead engineer at Typesafe. "We're excited to be partnering with Takipi on this first release."

Typesafe Monitoring empowers DevOps with a much richer set of capabilities for monitoring Akka-based applications at runtime, and delivering the user experience intended. Benefits include:

  • Rapidly find, diagnose and address issues: Modern users don't tolerate slow or buggy apps. Typesafe Monitoring provides teams with the insights they need to track down bottlenecks and tune performance for delivering the user experience that was always intended.
  • Clarity at the macro and micro level: Through the integration with Takipi, Typesafe Monitoring gives teams the ability to drill-down to the code level with runtime snapshots that provide stack information from the time of errors, providing visibility into hotspots that span across actors.
  • Design for performance: Performance doesn't just happen. Enterprises with SLAs to honor use Typesafe Monitoring to locate and eliminate bottlenecks so that developers can build and operators maintain more performant systems.
  • Unlimited expert support and production SLA: Typesafe is a partner in this journey, and its experts are available to support enterprises with answers, best practices, and up to 24/7 SLA for critical systems.

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About Typesafe

Typesafe (Twitter: @Typesafe) is dedicated to helping developers build Reactive applications on the JVM. With the Typesafe Reactive Platform, developers can create message-driven applications that scale on multicore and cloud computing architectures by using projects like Play Framework, Akka, Scala, Java, and Apache Spark. To help our customers succeed, Typesafe partners with technology pioneers such as Databricks, IBM, and Mesosphere. Typesafe is venture backed by Shasta Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures, Juniper Networks and Greylock Partners, with headquarters in San Francisco.