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Typesafe Drives Reactive Application Development With Typesafe Activator 1.0

The Company Behind Play Framework, Akka, and Scala Improves Developer Productivity With Release of New Tool for Building Reactive Applications

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Sep 23, 2013) - Typesafe, provider of the world's first Reactive platform and the company behind Play Framework, Akka, and Scala, today announced the general availability of Typesafe Activator 1.0, a browser-based tool that helps developers get started building Reactive applications with reusable templates and in-context tutorials. The 1.0 release of Typesafe Activator features integration with the Typesafe Console and 28 production-ready templates, including Play Framework with MongoDB for Reactive NoSQL persistence, Akka and Spray for Actor-based REST servers, Scala and Hadoop for scalable Big Data, and many others.

"Application requirements have changed dramatically in recent years, requiring new frameworks and tools to support fundamentally different deployment environments, sub-millisecond response times, petabytes of data, and more," explains Jonas Bonér, CTO of Typesafe. "Our goal with Activator is to make it easier for developers to conceptualize and build applications in this new era."

News Highlights
Typesafe Activator 1.0 presents common development patterns through reusable template applications and in-context tutorials, explaining step-by-step exactly how things work. The environment supports each stage of the application development lifecycle: Code, Compile, Test and Run. By bootstrapping new projects in minutes, developers can get started quickly and then open their projects in traditional IDEs when needed.

"As the consumption of web based applications has continued to skyrocket, user expectations for their performance have grown right along with it," said Stephen O'Grady, Principal Analyst at RedMonk. "The challenge for organizations has been to meet the demand for highly responsive, reactive applications efficiently. Typesafe Activator was built to help organizations meet that challenge."

Typesafe Activator 1.0, which made its developer preview in spring 2013, includes template contributions from community members and Typesafe partners that help developers get up to speed on leading technologies including HTML5, NoSQL, and Big Data.

"At Cloudera we believe the best way for enterprises to tackle Big Data is from the very beginning of the application development process," says Josh Wills, Director of Data Science at Cloudera. "By utilizing the Play + Hadoop template in Typesafe Activator, developers will quickly and seamlessly get started building web front-ends to Big Data systems."

Reactive trends are gaining traction across industries and verticals and the release of Typesafe Activator is a significant step forward for developers and companies interested in building modern, Reactive applications.

"Typesafe enables us to move faster, build on what we have done, and do less overall refactoring," says Eric Bowman, VP Architecture at Gilt Groupe. "Further, we strongly believe it helps us attract the best people. The launch of Typesafe Activator will have a positive impact on developer productivity and the future of Reactive applications."

"We've found that Play is one of the few frameworks that is able to maintain the delicate balance of performance, reliability, and developer productivity; it's a better way to build web services with Java and Scala," comments Yevgeniy Brikman, Staff Software Engineer at LinkedIn. "Ease of use is one of our favorite things about Play, so we look forward to seeing how Activator can make this technology even more accessible."

Going Reactive with Typesafe Activator
Developers can get started building Reactive applications using the many templates in Typesafe Activator. Three templates that are especially helpful are Play + Hadoop, Play + Reactive Mongo, and Reactive Stocks.

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