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Typesafe Joins the Hortonworks Technology Partner Program to Facilitate Rapid Development of Rich, Scalable, Data-Driven Applications

Hortonworks Data Platform Users to Benefit From Typesafe's Unrivaled Scala Training Expertise, Plus an Activator Template and Mini Cluster for New Users Sandboxing Spark Jobs

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwired - Oct 9, 2014) - Typesafe, provider of the world's leading Reactive platform and the company behind Play Framework, Akka, and Scala, today announced that it has joined the Hortonworks Technology Partner Program. Hortonworks and Typesafe are partnering to enable developers creating applications from Apache Spark to build rich, data-driven applications with the Typesafe Reactive Platform.

Spark is a next generation computing engine for Hadoop that has become an increasingly popular alternative for MapReduce for data science-like workloads. Spark is built on Typesafe's core technologies, and heavily calls on primitives from Scala and Akka -- making Typesafe the ideal partner to assist Hortonworks users build new applications.

In a new survey of more than 3,000 Java developers that Typesafe will release next week, eight percent of respondents indicated that they are already using Spark in production -- remarkable adoption for a technology that was only named an official Apache incubator project in June of 2013. But despite Spark's numerous technical advantages for specific workloads over MapReduce, for many developers the greatest obstacle to adoption is unfamiliarity with Scala (Spark is written in Scala) and lack of experience with the Spark APIs.

To enable enterprise Scala developers to leverage Enterprise Hadoop with Apache Spark, Typesafe has created a Spark Workshop Activator template that teaches how to write Apache Spark applications using Spark's batch-mode, streaming, and SQL APIs to analyze real datasets. Typesafe is offering immediate training and workshops -- and early in 2015, will unveil a commercial support offering for Apache Spark users.

Typesafe's training will be led by Scala and Spark expert, Dean Wampler -- who earlier this year wrote about the relationship between Apache Spark and the Typesafe Reactive Platform. Wampler started his first Hadoop-based, big data project four years ago, and as an experienced enterprise developer found it frustrating that writing Hadoop jobs was so tedious with the MapReduce API.

"The Spark API offers the same powerful operations that Scala's collections offer, only at a much larger scale," said Wampler. "We're really excited to help Hortonworks users tap into the power of Spark with some solid tutorials, training options and support."

"We are excited to welcome Typesafe to the Hortonworks Technology Partner Program," said John Kreisa, VP Strategic Marketing at Hortonworks. "Spark provides an elegant programming model for Scala developers to rapidly create data-driven applications and together with Typesafe we're focused on enabling developers to build new Spark-based applications and deploy and manage them with confidence."

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