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Typesafe Sponsors Scala Days 2011

Typesafe CEO Martin Odersky to Keynote Scala Days Conference

World's Premier Scala Conference to Be Held at Stanford University June 2 - 3; Typesafe Is a Platinum Sponsor

STANFORD, CA (Jun 1, 2011)Typesafe, the Scala company, today announced it is a Platinum Sponsor for Scala Days, the world's premier Scala conference to be held June 2 - 3, 2011 at Stanford University. Martin Odersky, CEO of Typesafe and the creator of Scala, will deliver the opening keynote speech.

"Scala Days, held this year at Stanford University, has become the center of gravity each year for the entire Scala ecosystem," said Odersky. "It's a unique opportunity for developers and users to come together and share information, network and learn about the latest advances in this fast-growing language."

The two-day conference includes a workshop for researchers and practitioners and a wide range of technical talks on commercial applications and uses of Scala, featuring presentations from some of the leading experts and largest Scala users in the world, including companies such as Foursquare and organizations such as NASA.

In addition to Odersky's keynote address, entitled The State of Scala, Typesafe co-founder (and Akka creator) Jonas Bonér will present on applications of the Scala-based Akka middleware to cloud computing. Typesafe staff members Iulian Dragos, Mark Harrah, Viktor Klang, Paul Phillips, Hubert Plociniczak, and Heiko Seeberger will also present on a variety of Scala projects and topics.

Typesafe recently announced the closing of a Series A funding round of $3 million, led by Greylock Ventures. The company launched the open source Typesafe Stack, which integrates the most recent releases of the Scala programming language, Akka middleware, and developer tools to simplify and accelerate software development with Scala. Typesafe is also offering commercial support and maintenance through the optional Typesafe Subscription.

Scala is a modern programming language designed for today's multicore hardware architectures and cloud computing workloads. Because it runs on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), Scala offers complete interoperability with Java. Scala has a rapidly growing community of users and contributors, and is proven in production with some of the world's most highly trafficked web properties, including Foursquare, LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Typesafe

Typesafe, the Scala company, provides the most scalable software platform designed for the computing architectures of the future -- multicore, parallel and cloud applications. It does this through Scala, the 100 percent Java-compatible programming language created by Typesafe co-founder and CEO Martin Odersky for modern computing architectures. The company's Typesafe Stack provides a Scala runtime and Akka middleware solution with tools to accelerate Scala development. Typesafe provides subscription support, training and services for organizations ready to bet their software architecture on Scala. Backed by Greylock Partners, Typesafe is headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts.