Reactive Microsystems: The Evolution of Microservices at Scale

Jonas Bonér, Co-Founder & CTO, Lightbend, Inc.

Audience: Architects

Technical level: Intermediate

If you want your application to provide millisecond response times and close to 100% uptime, traditional architectures with single SQL databases and thread-per-request models simply cannot compete with microservices. This report discusses strategies and techniques for building scalable and resilient microservices, and helps you work your way through the evolution of a scalable microservices-based system.

When it comes to development speed, time-to-market, and continuous delivery, microservices can do wonders for your organization. Author Jonas Bonér, Founder and CTO of Lightbend and author of Reactive Microservices Architecture (O’Reilly), demonstrates how to refactor a monolithic application step-by-step. You’ll briefly land at single instance microliths (micro monoliths) before working your way toward a scalable and resilient microsystem.

This report will help you:

  • Examine the essential traits of an individual reactive microservice
  • Understand why monolithic architectures are a problem
  • Manage the hard part of microservice design: the space between individual services
  • Shift the focus from domain objects to events in domain-driven design
  • Make services more efficient, performant, and stable by applying reactive programming techniques
  • Make the services work together, collaboratively, as a single reactive system
  • Move beyond CRUD towards Event Sourcing/CQRS to scale state in an event-based design
  • Leverage fast data in microservices to manage real-time data at scale

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About Author(s)

Jonas Bonér, Co-Founder & CTO, Lightbend, Inc.

Jonas Bonér is co-founder and CTO of Lightbend, creator of the Akka project, initiator and co-author of the Reactive Manifesto, and a Java Champion. Learn more at

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