Lightbend Subscription

Subscriptions with one goal in mind...your success

From development through production and well beyond, Lightbend Subscriptions equip teams with the technology and expertise required for project success.

Our packages enable developers on Lightbend technology, accelerate time-to-value, decrease the risk associated with new project implementation and provide ongoing access to Lightbend expertise. That’s everything teams require to begin executing digitally transformative business strategies right now (no matter how ambitious, challenging or innovative) and as business continues to evolve.

That’s the power of Lightbend Subscriptions.

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What’s Included

All Lightbend Subscriptions come with full support, warranties and indemnification of Lightbend Open Source Software. Along with Lightbend commercial software designed to help developers get their applications into production faster and DevOps teams operate those applications successfully.

But that’s just the basics.

Premium Support

Lightbend Technical Account Managers (TAMs) are highly technical subject matter experts that partner with your project teams providing guidance and accelerated support as necessary.

Great Assist!

Far more than just basic development support, Developer Assist provides direct interaction with Lightbend engineers and project committers for accelerated team learning and overall project success. No call centers. No redirects. No nonsense.

Our Expertise. Your Schedule.

Lightbend Academy is an online, self-paced training portal. From reactive architecture, to project specific learning and more, teams have on demand access to an ever expanding list of tutorials and how-to’s developed and taught by Lightbend experts.

Lightbend Academy courses

Plus All This:

  • Software Licenses—Licensing for development, test, QA and production CPU’s
  • Enterprise Integrations—Deploy with Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Red Hat OpenShift, VMware Tanzu, D2iQ Konvoy and others. Monitor with Prometheus, Grafana, Elasticsearch, Datadog, New Relic, OpenTracing and more
  • Production Support
    • Nobody likes downtime. We're here for you 24x7x365
    • Long-term support. An extended two-year support period for older versions of our projects includes backports of fixes to ensure the stability of your distributed systems
  • Intelligent Monitoring & Observability—Deep telemetry with pre-built dashboards providing insights into the health, availability and performance of asynchronous and distributed applications
  • Application Management—Safe orchestration for key deployment and management processes, automated cluster management, network partition resolution, dynamic load balancing and more
  • Compliance & Enforcement of Global Security Standards—Native support for encryption, data shredding, TLS enforcement and continued compliance with GDPR
  • Warranties & Indemnification—Lightbend provides a commercial license agreement in lieu of open source terms. Included comprehensive warranty and indemnification protects your company against IP claims and other unforeseen liabilities
  • Talent Cultivation—In this market, attracting top talent is paramount. We’re here to help. Your job openings posted on We will also initiate social promotions on your behalf. Plus, we offer free credits for the Certified Reactive Architect exam to your existing team members and new hires

For the first time in our history, we faced no downtime on Black Friday using Lightbend Technologies.


Subscription Options

Whether teams have experience with Lightbend technology, are starting from scratch, focused on development or production we offer two types of packages, plus a few extras. Each designed to accelerate adoption of Lightbend technology and prepare teams to begin implementing transformative business!

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