Lightbend empowers organizations to quickly implement any digitally transformative business strategy—no matter how ambitious, challenging or innovative

We take care of the architectural hurdles and back-end complexity of building globally distributed, cloud-native application environments. Lightbend enables development teams with the technology and expertise required to build applications that support business critical decisions. That’s why Global 2000 enterprises turn to us.

Unleash the full power of the cloud with Lightbend.

Your Business Empowered

A simplified path to digitally transformative initiatives

Increase Market Share by taking full advantage of mobile business, Big Data, Internet of Things, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence—it truly can’t be done without cloud-native applications built on a reactive platform*

Boost Developer Productivity by removing the worry of underlying framework (Lightbend takes care of it), so teams can focus on business logic

*Lightbend technologies are built on the principles of reactive architecture for responsive, scalable, and distributed systems. The Reactive Launch is a Lightbend methodology designed to enable teams to successfully start building reactive systems.

Intelligent Data

Data intelligence on steroids

Deepen Customer Engagements with the ability to process Big Data at speed and apply ML models for true operationalization (and value) of data that supports real-time business critical decisions and hyper-personalized experiences

Significant Cost Reductions

Lightbend customers’ experience noticeable and notable cost savings...period

Less infrastructure resources increases performance and responsiveness while decreasing computing costs. Regardless if your deployment environment is public/private cloud, hybrid cloud, on-premise

We’re not at all surprised by the success some of our customers have achieved:

  • 200%—increase in sales with far less infrastructure
  • 75%—reduction in infrastructure costs
  • 40%—development costs savings

Trusted Partner

The cherry on top

Client success is our priority

The Reactive industry’s best experts are at Lightbend and committed to help optimize the value and sustainability of your initiatives

  • Ensure Project Success—unlimited (yes, really) access to Lightbend engineers and tech leads means your program is built right from the get-go
  • Reduce Risk—from initiating internal digitally transformative projects to executing on business strategies and achieving goals
  • Accelerate Time-to-Value—the fastest possible on-ramp to productive, timely development