Save weeks in development

Create distributed systems correctly from the start, without all the guesswork. Cut down on dev time with hot-reloading and a simplified setup that takes care of environment configuration and dependency injection.

Revitalize legacy systems

Breath new life into legacy systems with an asynchronous, message-driven approach that integrates with everything from Java and Scala libraries & tools to IDEs, DBs & Fast Data systems.

Ship to production more predictably

With built-in support for Docker, service discovery and shared configuration, Developers get familiar with production needs early to make deliveries more frequent and predictable.

Lightbend Reactive Platform

lightbend-reactive-platform-v03 Microservices Web Apps/Services Message-driven Runtime SAP Salesforce Java EE Bridges Apps Web IoT Gateways Kubernetes/ Mesosphere (DC/OS) PaaS Public/Private Cloud Physical/Virtual Servers Build Verify Operate EnterpriseIntegrations


Message-driven Runtime

Make your systems undefeatable with Akka, an actor-based, message-driven runtime that isolates failure so systems heal and adapt on their own.

More about Akka

Web Apps/Services

Build fully asynchronous web services quickly with Play Framework, an iterative, hot-reload framework that focuses on developer productivity.

More about Play Framework


Build distributed systems faster with Lagom, an opinionated, hot-reload framework that provides a guided approach to Microservice development.

More about Lagom Framework

JVM Languages

With support for both Scala and Java, you can use the the language that works best for your team.

More about Scala More about Java