Better serve your most important users

In web applications, all requests are approved by default, which can overwhelm backend servers if abuse occurs.

Now applications built on Lightbend Reactive Platform can be protected against badly behaved (or over-enthusiastic) users or bots to ensure high availability for high-value users.

COLL-User-Quotas-slides-white-bg-v3 Apps Web IoT GATEWAYS SAP Salesforce JEE BRIDGES Production Suite Bots & Scrapers(Blocked) 3 rd Party APIs(5000 req/hr) Regular visitors(50 req/min) VIP Clients(unlimited)

and Capabilities

Configurable to your business

Users can have different quota policies, which are configurable to support your unique business goals.

Protection across clusters

Policies work across clusters, so quotas continue to be enforced as your application scales out.

Block abusive behavior

Stop crawlers, bots and attackers from overloading your services.

Commercial website availability

Maintain a high quality of service for VIP users.

Internal service protection

Ensure that internal services and systems are not oversubscribed by internal and external consumers.