Accelerate Your Development
Teams’ Productivity

A highly competitive landscape full of innovators and disruptors means that your developers need to be able to release software early and often, delighting your users and differentiating your offerings.

Lightbend Enterprise Suite’s Advanced Tooling features are based on Lightbend’s extensive experience with building Reactive applications for some of the world’s largest enterprises. This growing list now includes a powerful developer sandbox capable of simulating production environments locally, the ability to check configs and receive actionable optimization recommendations, the ability to detect thread starvation issues quickly, as well as support for continuous delivery.

In short, Lightbend Enterprise Suite gives your developers a powerful set of field-tested tools to accelerate their productivity and boost your business’ agility.

advanced tooling

and Capabilities

Optimize applications early

Check your Akka config files, receive actionable recommendations and optimize your Akka-based applications for production right in development.

Accelerate release velocity

Provide your developers with a powerful sandbox that lets them rapidly develop and test production-ready releases right on their local machines.

Troubleshoot issues easily

Record Akka cluster system and configuration diagnostics in a format that makes it easy to troubleshoot development and production issues.

Release with no downtime

Plug directly into your Continuous Delivery pipeline to deploy safely and continuously, with zero-downtime roll-outs and upgrades.

Resolve thread starvation quickly

Detect and resolve thread starvation issues in your Akka-based Reactive applications quickly by enabling ActorSystem dispatcher health tracking.