Implement continuous code scans to ensure security

As the daily headlines show, organizations from banks to airlines to credit rating agencies continue to battle against security threats in their code, infrastructure and frameworks/libraries.

Lightbend Enterprise Suite’s Application Security features the Fortify Scala plugin, which automatically identifies code-level security vulnerabilities early in the SDLC, so you can confidently and reliably secure your mission-critical Scala-based applications.

Co-developed by the Fortify team along with Lightbend, the Fortify for Scala Plugin is the only Static Application Security Testing (SAST) solution to use the official Scala compiler, enabling it to deliver the most accurate analysis of your Scala code.


and Capabilities

The best SAST solution for Scala

The Fortify Scala plugin is the only SAST solution that uses the official Scala compiler. This means that when you use the plugin, you’re assured of the most accurate analysis of your Scala code.

Identify 200+ vulnerabilities

For your peace of mind, the Fortify Scala plugin identifies 200+ vulnerabilities across most major vulnerability categories, including path manipulation, unsafe reflection, command injection and JSON injection.

Security for your SDLC

By allowing you to automatically and continually scan large amounts of code at scale, the Fortify Scala plugin makes it easy and efficient to secure your Scala-application SDLC.

Accelerate development and release cycles

Run complete scans in just minutes to accelerate your development and release cycles. That way, you don’t need to fall back on incremental or partial scans that increase the risk of missing critical vulnerabilities.

On-Premise or As-a-Service

Fortify is available on-prem or as-a-service, so you and your business have the flexibility to choose the option that’s right for you and your team.