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Stop searching for a long-term partner to support your Spark project. We’re ready to supply the insights we’ve gained by partnering with Databricks, Mesosphere, and IBM to your team today.

Databricks, from the creators of Spark

Our partnership with Databricks started by supplying Scala insight and quickly expanded to Spark Streaming as we contributed critical back-pressure support to enhance operational stability for long-lived production streaming workloads.

Mesosphere, the next gen Datacenter Operating System

Lightbend and Mesosphere deliver “Fast Data” solutions to enterprises with a production-grade distribution of Apache Spark that runs on Apache Mesos and the Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System (DCOS).

IBM, a major force behind the Data Science movement

Lightbend is one of three primary partners that IBM has selected to bring its Spark initiative to life. We are excited to be a founding contributor of IBM Datapalooza, bringing a Fast Data learning experience to developers around the globe.

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Lightbend’s technologies make Spark possible.
IBM’s collaboration with Lightbend is strategic to our work at the Spark Technology Center.


Stop guessing and start doing.
Jump-start your project with our Spark experts.

Starting out with a new technology ecosystem is no trivial thing. Let our experts introduce your teams to the entire Spark world of Fast Data, protected by a safety net of architecture reviews and best-practice knowledge transfer.

Jump-start developer productivity

Get your developers up to speed quickly with continuing expert support for best practices and our two-day hands-on Spark Workshop. Learn how to implement and maintain Fast Data pipelines and integrate with tools like Akka, Mesos, Kafka, Cassandra, Hadoop and more.

Accelerate knowledge transfer

No need to wait due to a blocker. Every developer can contact our experts with any “how to” or “what if”, keeping your team up-to-date on best practices and prepared for next steps.

Design with expert input

By reviewing your architecture and design with our experts, you can make smarter, faster, development decisions upfront that can save you a ton of time down the line.

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Commercial support from Lightbend is a great safety net for companies like ours that are aggressively adopting Fast Data technologies for our real-time data processing and machine learning efforts.

Patrick DiLoreto
Head of R&D, William Hill

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The shift to “Data in Motion” pushes enterprise requirements for scale and resilience beyond anything you’ve experienced in your entire career. Don’t worry. We’ve got your back with guaranteed SLAs and experts answers around the clock.

Expert answers from a dedicated Spark team

Do you have questions about Spark Streaming vs Akka Streams, how Scala plays a role, or working with Spark clusters? Our dedicated Spark team awaits your questions.

Fast response times

When you need an answer, you want it yesterday. Leave forums and StackOverflow for casual inquiries, and rely on our experts to address your most urgent inquiries.

Full application lifecycle support

Official support for Spark Core, Spark SQL, and Spark Streaming modules, plus the Scala and Java APIs (and we’ll do our best with MLLib, GraphX and other languages).

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Fast Data: Big Data Evolved

Take a closer look to learn how you can leverage Fast Data in your Reactive applications.

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Stop guessing and start doing.

Let our experts introduce your teams to the entire Spark world of Fast Data, protected by a safety net of architecture reviews and best-practice knowledge transfer.

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