Lightbend Pipelines: Harness the value of real-time data

Does your business need a real-time offering for competitive advantage? Are you looking to migrate your Big Data workloads into a streaming, Fast Data environment? Do you want to get value from data faster in order to create new services for your users?

Deliver personalized offers and deepen engagement

Stream data processing is about more than just extracting information faster. Expanding your business offerings to support real-time analytics, personalization, and connecting to the world of IoT requires a wholesale change in how you build data-centric applications.

Included in Lightbend Platform, the Lightbend Pipelines module lets enterprises develop, deploy, and operate large-scale microsevices-based systems that can take advantage of streaming data and seamlessly integrate with systems for analytics processing and machine learning. This enables you to bring real-time analytics and decision-making into a brief window of time to value, deepening engagement with your customers and increasing market share.

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