Overcoming Tough Architecture Challenges In Your Next Modernization Project


Overcoming Tough Architecture Challenges In Your Next Modernization Project

With Mike Kelland and Adam Murray


Audience: Architect, Management
Technical level: Intermediate

Building a project in an unfamiliar way is challenging, especially when that includes learning distributed systems, elastic scalability and non-blocking approaches.

From understanding new architecture concepts and tools to getting your organization onboard with Reactive systems, launching a modernization initiative is a daunting task for even the most seasoned Architect.

In this webinar with Mike Kelland and Adam Murray of Lightbend, we’ll talk through the challenges of “Going Reactive” with a new project and how Lightbend’s Strategic Enablement Services can ensure that you get your project off the ground correctly, right from the start.

Learn how Lightbend’s collective experience working to enable teams to build Reactive Systems can be applied to your project

Explore how others have overcome their challenges with starting Reactive projects - going from zero to hero

Listen in on a discussion about the various skills that should be developed to create high performing teams specifically to work with Reactive projects


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