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Production Readiness Review

Production Readiness Review

The individual tasks involved in deploying an application are routine and simple. The complexity lies in the nuances, from identifying all of the correct steps to sequencing them properly. Spread across many disciplines and stakeholders, from architecture and security to operations, the complexity of an enterprise-scale production deployment can increase rapidly.

A Production Readiness Review from Lightbend will help ensure a successful production deployment. Lightbend has deep knowledge of the Lightbend Reactive Platform, you have broad knowledge of your business domain, and combined they will ensure that no small step is overlooked.

Our experts will walk you through a series of carefully crafted checklists (a "pre-flight inspection") to ensure all potential blockers to a successful production deployment are on your radar well ahead of your upcoming production launch.

After a collaborative checklist review, our technical experts will carefully analyze your high-level architecture and deployment artifacts to understand the big picture of your usage of Lightbend technologies. With this information in hand, Lightbend will carefully craft a Production Readiness Assessment for your consideration.

The Production Readiness Assessment will provide key findings in the following areas of your upcoming production deployment:

  • Architecture and code quality
  • Security
  • Performance testing methodology
  • Production monitoring and "SWAT" team strategy
  • Overall deployment strategy

Your final Production Readiness Report and Production Readiness Score will be based on the aggregated results in all of the above categories. The report will provide our overall assessment of your production readiness, and recommended areas of improvement before launch day if gaps exist.

As you prepare for production launch, you'll have the confidence of knowing that the team who literally wrote the book on the technologies you're implementing have cleared you for takeoff.

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