Team Enablement

Accelerate adoption of the Akka Platform

Set teams up for sustained success.

Reactive Launch readiness. Lightbend experts help teams define and establish a path for rapid delivery of the Akka Platform, while equipping teams with a deep knowledge base for lasting technology adoption.

12-week Engagement

Accelerate Time to Market

Solid plan for designing, constructing, testing, deploying, monitoring and scaling.

Total Solution Resilience

System architecture review & recommendations.

Onboarding and Inception

Rapidly onboard teams with clear goals and priorities.

Steelthread and Spikes

Tackle important technology spikes to prove out assumptions, de-risk delivery pipeline (Steelthread) and prove key business cases.

Construct Iterations

Sustained focus on continuous improvement. Progressively build platform while addressing capacity gaps with one-on-one mentorship, facilitation and coaching on Akka Platform delivery.

Review and Recommendations

This touchpoint is scheduled up to one month post implementation.

  • One-on-one mentorship, facilitation and coaching as required
  • Close out of the Akka Launch report and recommendations

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