Training & Consulting

Customer success is our first priority. Lightbend consulting and training services are thoughtfully designed for ease of adoption of Lightbend technologies

Lightbend Academy

Lightbend Academy is an online, self-paced training portal. From reactive architecture, to project specific learning and more, teams have on demand access to an ever expanding list of tutorials and how-to’s developed and taught by Lightbend experts. Included with all Lightbend Subscriptions.

Lightbend Academy Courses


Designing reactive systems and microservices requires architects and teams to think differently about design. Lightbend Akka Platform instructor lead courses equip teams to leverage reactive architectures from design through to production operations.

Courses are designed for development managers, architects and software developers.


Lightbend consultants provide expert advice across a range services for adopting and implementing Lightbend technologies.

  • Architecture Review
  • Detailed code review—address specific design and implementation concerns
  • Adoption and implementation of Lightbend technologies
  • Reactive developers hiring support
    • job description development
    • skills validation
    • learning path requirements
  • Customized services—for customer specific needs

I’m interested in Learning More

Lightbend Certified Reactive Architect Certification

Certification covers detailed knowledge and understanding of reactive systems architecture. Certified individual is ready to architect a fully Reactive system. Language agnostic. Includes practical design principles and architectural patterns:

  • Domain-Driven Design
  • Distributed Systems Design
  • Event-Sourcing, CQRS
  • Scalability, Resilience, Consistency models
  • Delivery guarantees
  • Microservice systems
  • The Actor model
  • CAP theorem (and more)
  • SOLID design principles, hexagonal and onion architecture
  • CRDTs, the Saga pattern
  • Asynchronous, non-blocking designs

About The Exam

Exam length is 90 minutes and “closed-book”
Exams are online at, proctored by humans, and available in any time zone
Exam fee of $250 includes two (2) additional retries
Certifications are valid for three (3) years to ensure relevance