Lightbend Apache Spark for Scala - Professional

This two-day workshop is designed to teach developers how to implement data analytics using Apache Spark for Reactive applications. In this workshop, developers will use hands-on exercises to learn the principles of Apache Spark programming and idioms for specific problems, such as event stream processing, SQL-based analysis on structured data in files, integration with Reactive frameworks like Akka, as well as Hadoop and related tools, and advanced analytics such as machine learning and graph algorithms.


  • Developers with basic knowledge of Scala, as covered in “Lightbend Scala Language - Professional”
  • Developers with an interest in data science looking to put theory into high-scale practice
  • Managers who want to understand how to field applications powered by fast data analytics


  • Developers gain knowledge and skills to build Apache Spark-based offline and event-streaming applications
  • Certified Lightbend Trainers share best practices for developing Scala-Spark applications
  • Production data - integrate Apache Spark with Akka and Hadoop, today!


  1. Apache Spark Core API with Real World Problems
  2. Processing Events with Apache Spark Streaming
  3. Integrating SQL using SparkSQL
  4. Using Other Apache Spark-based Libraries
  5. Deploying to Clusters
  6. Akka Streaming and Apache Spark Streaming


  • Level: Intermediate - knowledge of and practical experience with Scala is assumed
  • Length: Two days - 14 hours of classroom time, plus breaks
  • Approach: Extensive hands-on coding - students develop a workshop case study and use Spark to process real-world data sets
  • Requirements: Students must bring their own laptops with Java 8

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