Videos & Webinars

webinar Interactive Demo: Akka Cluster Nodes Under Attack, Visualized
webinar Akka at Enterprise Scale: Performance Tuning Distributed Applications
webinar Interactive Demo: Visualizing Akka Cluster Node Lifecycles
webinar Digital Transformation with Kubernetes, Containers, and Microservices
video Cloudstate - Serverless Beyond Stateless
webinar Detecting Real-Time Financial Fraud with Cloudflow on Kubernetes
webinar Cloudstate - Towards Stateful Serverless
video Cloudflow Technical Introduction - Streaming Data On Kubernetes Made Simple
video How to use CQRS in Akka 2.6 video
video Managing Blocking in Akka video
webinar Lessons From HPE: From Batch To Streaming For 20 Billion Sensors With Lightbend Platform
video Event Sourcing with Akka 2.6 video
video Introduction to Akka Cluster Sharding video
webinar How to build streaming data pipelines with Akka Streams, Flink, and Spark using Cloudflow
video Akka 2.6 Actor introduction video
webinar Full Stack Reactive In Practice
webinar Microservices, Kubernetes, and Application Modernization Done Right
webinar Migrating From Java EE To Cloud-Native Reactive Systems
webinar Running Kafka On Kubernetes With Strimzi For Real-Time Streaming Applications
webinar Designing Events-First Microservices For A Cloud Native World
webinar Scala Security: Eliminate 200+ Code-Level Threats With Fortify SCA For Scala
webinar How To Build, Integrate, and Deploy Real-Time Streaming Pipelines On Kubernetes
webinar Akka and Kubernetes: Reactive From Code To Cloud
webinar How Akka Works: Visualize And Demo Akka With A Raspberry-Pi Cluster
webinar Executive Briefing: What Is Fast Data And Why Is It Important?
webinar Akka, Spark or Kafka? Selecting The Right Streaming Engine For the Job
webinar Concept Drift: Monitoring Model Quality in Streaming ML Applications
webinar Revitalizing Enterprise Integration with Reactive Streams
webinar Streaming Microservices with Akka Streams and Kafka Streams
webinar Microservices and Fast Data: Industry and Architecture Trends
webinar Operationalizing Machine Learning - Serving ML Models
video One Digital: Verizon Wireless Reactive Commerce Transformation Journey
webinar Advanced Akka For Architects
webinar A Tale of Two APIs: Using Spark Streaming In Production
webinar Developing Secure Scala Applications With Fortify For Scala
webinar Akka Revealed: A JVM Architect’s Journey From Resilient Actors To Scalable Clusters
video Introducing "Lightbend Reactive Architecture - Professional” Remote/Onsite Training Course
video I Love Scala for Machine Learning
webinar What's The Role of Machine Learning In Fast Data and Streaming Applications?
webinar Moving from Big Data to Fast Data? Here's How To Pick The Right Streaming Engine
webinar Five Early Challenges Of Building Streaming & Fast Data Applications
webinar How Credit Karma Makes Real-Time Decisions for 60 Million Users with Akka Streams and Apache Kafka
video Replacing Cron & Building Scalable Data Pipelines At Airbnb
webinar Developing Fast Data Architectures with Streaming Applications
webinar Using the Actor Model with Domain-Driven Design (DDD) in Reactive Systems
webinar Exploring Reactive Integrations with Akka Streams, Alpakka and Kafka
webinar The Basics Of Reactive System Design For Traditional Java Enterprises
webinar Distributed Systems Done Right: Why Java Enterprises Are Embracing The Actor Model
webinar Lessons Learned From PayPal: Implementing Back-Pressure With Akka Streams And Kafka
webinar Fast Data: Selecting The Right Streaming Technologies For Data Sets That Never End
webinar Overcoming Tough Architecture Challenges In Your Next Modernization Project
webinar Lessons Learned From Verizon: Implementing Microservices
webinar The Future of Services: Building Asynchronous, Resilient and Elastic Systems
webinar Understanding Akka Streams, Back Pressure and Asynchronous Architectures
webinar The Enterprise Architect’s Intro to Microservices - Part 3: Bending Reality with Microservices in Production Systems
webinar The Enterprise Architect’s Intro to Microservices - Part 2: The 6 Traits of Reactive Microservices
webinar The Enterprise Architect’s Intro to Microservices - Part 1: Microservices, Monoliths, SOA and How We Got Here
webinar Akka for Java Devs: Bridging the Imagination Divide