Using data-driven insights to deepen customer engagement

Deeper customer engagement means higher customer lifetime value. For many enterprises, using data-driven insights to deepen customer engagement over web, mobile and IoT applications is a focal point of digital transformation. Consequently, architectures are shifting from batch to streaming.

Why Lightbend

Stream data processing is about more than just extracting information faster. It’s about embracing wholesale change in how we build data-centric applications. The demands for availability, scalability, and resilience is forcing Fast Data architectures to become like microservice architectures. Conversely, successful organizations building microservices find their data needs grow with their organization. Hence, there is a unification happening between data and microservice architectures that Lightbend is uniquely capable of serving.

200% incremental revenue increase forecasted

Starbucks look at digital, not a as a marketing channel, but as a foundational element of the customer experience. That’s why Starbucks has a much different track record with digital than so many other companies in the retail world that have struggled to be more than bricks and mortar.

This presentation from Starbuck’s Investor Day frames where digital innovation fits in as drivers of growth. Gerri Martin-Flickinger, executive vice president, global chief technology officer discusses their ecosystem of digital propositions for the customer from rewards and personalization to ordering and payment and explains why none stand alone, but rather operate as a holistic platform to elevate the customer experience. Although the technology under the hood is not revealed, a ton of quantifiable business impact is shared, including a forecasted 200% increase in incremental revenue over a five year period. If you need hard numbers to support your digital initiative, this video is for you.


30-second personalized offers at 100x traffic peaks

The gambling industry has arguably been one of the most comprehensively affected by the digital revolution. If an organization such as William Hill hadn't adapted successfully it would have disappeared.

William Hill have continued to explore ways to grow marketshare on the basis of what the customer wants. They believe their most interesting opportunities are tied to personalization - assigning logical reasoning to customer behavior, and presenting personalized data on the basis of machine learning and intelligent predictions. Rather than decomposing a monolith, William Hill created a greenfield fast-data pipeline that used betting behavior from legacy backend systems, anticipated betting behavior, real-time social sentiment, and clickstream traffic to create personalized offers that were valid for 30 seconds and delivered reliably under 100x traffic peaks.

Case Study