Unleashing innovation to protect or capture markets

Many digital transformation initiatives at large enterprises are being sparked by either The Innovator's Dilemma in which market leader successes and capabilities have actually become obstacles to seizing the next wave of innovation, or the Reinventors in which successful companies are using a key asset to capture a new market and increase revenue.

Why Lightbend

Lightbend technologies make developers feel empowered by making things that used to be very hard quite easy and straightforward, allowing them to do things they didn't dare before. Actors, through message-passing, raise the abstraction level from low level plumbing to workflow. This allows developers to focus on business logic instead of threads, locks and low level protocols. Actors embrace the reality of unplanned errors and adopt a pragmatic “Let It Crash” philosophy using supervision and self-healing to ensure impacted components are reset to a stable state and restarted upon failure.

Nimble innovation unleashes 5 consecutive quarters of growth

Weight Watchers is a prime example of how as “software eats the world” traditional businesses are forced to modernize with technology. To remain a leader in the weight loss industry, Weight Watchers knew that it needed to not only deliver its proven weight loss program, but that it needed to be the leader in delivering apps and digital experiences.

Today with its microservices architecture, Weight Watchers has become a nimble development organization focused on expanding customer services based on real-time data and integration with various devices. The company’s #1 engineering focus is its member experience, and building best-in-class applications with emerging frameworks. Consequently, as of Q4 2016, Weight Watchers saw five consecutive quarters of recruitment growth.

Case Study