Work autonomously and delivery continuously

In a world where business models face constant disruption, your digital transformation initiative is likely driving you to embrace speed to remain competitive. However, traditional application monoliths running on Java EE middleware were not designed with development agility in mind. With no simple development model to support modern systems, the traditional compile-build-deploy cycle for every service cripples productivity.

Why Lightbend

Lightbend Platforms allow you to design distributed systems comprised of flexible modules which are self-contained, autonomous, and can be scaled independently, as they are responsible for their own business context from individual features down to the relevant data. These are called Reactive systems.

The actor-based, asynchronous foundation of Lightbend Platforms supports the design of Reactive systems, which reduce dependencies between components and enable feature teams to work autonomously and delivery continuously, accelerating time to value by 2x to 3x.

Boosting deployment frequency by 400%

Norwegian has catapulted to become the cruise industry’s hottest company. Behind the company's dramatic success is its game-changing strategy, "Freestyle Cruising," the pricing and packaging flexibility that provides guests with the freedom to choose between many different options in their cruise experience. It’s a customer experience vision that Norwegian seized ahead of its competitors.

But before Norwegian could change the game and dominate the cruise industry by becoming more responsive to its customers, its technology team needed to rethink its entire software infrastructure approach to support that vision. A more modern development model that emphasizes proper service isolation has allowed Norwegian developers to more easily reason with back end services and roll out new features and bug fixes. Today the company deploys 400% more frequently.

Case Study

Propagating changes 700% faster

MoneySuperMarket Group (MSM) is the holding company behind three of the UK’s most popular comparison shopping sites. Its competitive edge is tied directly to the ability to be responsive, creating and deploying new features and products quickly.

With Lightbend, engineering changes are propagating 700% faster, positively impacting every aspect of feature creation. New business "channels" are launched twice as fast, dramatically accelerating the time to revenue.

Case Study