On Tuesday, June 3rd we hosted a full day of webinars all about the Play Framework, featuring speakers from the Typesafe Play team, BBC, Walmart.ca, Huffington Post, Angie’s List, and Gilt.  We hope you enjoyed the event, and if you weren't able to join us check out the recordings below!

  • “Making The Case For Play” - Adam Evans, Technical Lead, BBC Children's Future Media

  • “One Year of Play-in” - Roger Deetz, Software Architect, Angie’s List. 

  • “Enterprise Web Development with Play and Scala”- Kevin Webber, Software Developer.  

  • “Playing with Akka” - Henry David Nissenbaum, Director of Engineering, Huffington Post.  

  • “Lessons Learned From Implementing Play Across Lots of Small Applications and Microservices“ - Giancarlo Silvestrin, Senior Software 

  • “About sbt-web and the Anatomy of a Plugin Webinar” -  Christopher Hunt, Senior Engineer, Typesafe

  • “Reactive Streams and Play 3.0” - James Roper, Lead Developer,  Typesafe.  


On behalf of the entire Typesafe team, a huge thanks to everyone who made our first virtual conference possible!





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