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  • Walmart boosts conversions by 20% with Lightbend Reactive Platform

    case-study After rebuilding its web application and mobile stack with Scala, Akka and Play, Walmart Canada experiences faster development and improved scalability.

  • technology

    Intel's GearPump Real-time Streaming Engine Using Akka

    case-study Big data streaming frameworks today must process immense amounts of data from an expanding set of disparate data sources. Beyond the requirements of fault tolerance, scalability and performance, compelling streaming engines should provide a programming model where computations can be easily expressed and deployed in a distributed manner. Akka is a natural fit to meet these requirements.

  • internet-of-things

    Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center Executes IoT Vision at Startup-Speed with Reactive Architecture

    case-study Play and Akka Central to Samsung’s Internet of Things Data Exchange Platform

  • internet-of-things

    Norwegian Cruises to Record Profits With Reactive

    case-study How Lightbend Enabled the Technology Innovation that Catapulted the Cruise Industry’s Hottest Company

  • The Software Strategy Behind Verizon's $40 Billion Mobile Content Opportunity

    case-study How Lightbend and Reactive, Microservices-Based Systems are Powering Mobile Content Innovation at the Nation's Largest Wireless Carrier

  • technology

    Curing Cancer at Driver Group with Scala, Slick, Play and Apache Spark

    case-study Curing Cancer with Scala, Slick, Play and Spark: How Driver Group is Embracing Reactive Technologies in their Fight Against Cancer Goals

  • internet-of-things

    Distributed Mesh in the Home: How eero is Disrupting Consumer WiFi with Highly Reliable Systems Powered by Akka and Reactive

    case-study eero turned to Lightbend and its Reactive Platform for help in building their backend solution in the cloud. The challenge was how to build a highly available, high performance infrastructure that’s able to communicate with each eero device. The central problem with traditional web architectures boils down to concurrency and database shared memory. To solve these challenges, we chose Akka — an open-source toolkit and runtime for building highly concurrent, distributed and resilient message-driven applications.

  • retail

    Zalando Reaches Past $3 Billion In Sales Amid 100x Traffic Spikes Using Reactive Platform

    community-story At the core of Zalando's architecture is Lightbend Reactive Platform featuring Scala, Akka, and Play Framework. These technologies have enabled Zalando to become far more agile and productive in development, as well as hardened production systems for resilience and elastic scalability in the face of regular 100x traffic spikes.

  • online-services

    Swisscom Revolutionizes Urban Planning Data With Real-Time Mobile Analytics

    case-study How Switzerland’s largest telecommunications provider shipped a major new data pipelining service in less than a year with Lightbend Reactive Platform.

  • financial-services

    Credit Karma Disrupts Credit Reporting With Reactive Systems and Fast Data

    case-study How Credit Karma won over 60M users and flipped the balance of credit data to consumers with a completely new business model based on Reactive Systems and Fast Data streaming with Akka, Akka Streams, Kafka, Scala and Spark.

  • online-services

    New Tweets per second record, and how!

    community-story A primary goal at Twitter is to make sure the service is always available no matter what is happening around the world. This goal felt unattainable in 2010 with Ruby, when the World Cup put Twitter squarely in the center of a real-time, global conversation. Learn how Twitter re-architected its site using Scala to make sure their service is resilient to the world’s impulses.

  • online-services

    The Play Framework at LinkedIn

    case-study Recently, LinkedIn expanded their use of the Lightbend Platform to include the Play Framework. Lightbend provided support and consulting services, helping LinkedIn take advantage of Play's extensibility to tune it for their unique needs.

  • 2.2 Billion Clicks and Beyond: How Hootsuite Modernized Its URL Shortener to Scala/Akka Using the Lightbend Reactive Platform

    case-study Hootsuite is the world's most widely used social media relationship platform. More than 10 million users, including 744 of the Fortune 1000 companies, trust Hootsuite to manage their social media programs across multiple social networks from one integrated dashboard.

  • online-services

    Nitro Moves Desktop Apps to the Cloud with Lightbend Reactive Platform

    case-study Nitro's VP of Technology outlines the importance of Play, Akka and Scala to the company's product delivery evolution during recent years of explosive growth.

  • technology

    Making online education accessible with Lightbend

    case-study Coursera's remarkable online education service delivers high quality classes directly to users desktops, and turned the company into an overnight success. Delivering any service in a scalable, seamless manner however, is hard to do without the right tools. Coursera decided to utilize the Typesafe Reactive Platform to handle the massive scale and concurrency issues they faced.

  • media

    Delivering on The Guardian’s digital-first vision

    case-study The Guardian was embarking on a major transformation that sees the newspaper changing from a print-based organization to one that is digital-first in philosophy and practice. This new strategy involves a series of bold changes not only to the way they do things, but with the tools and software they used to accomplish these tasks. The Guardian chose technologies from Lightbend to provide a solid, scalable foundation on which to start building these new services.

  • technology

    Apache Spark and the Lightbend Reactive Platform: A Match Made in Heaven

    community-story Spark has emerged as the next-generation platform for writing Big Data applications for Hadoop and Mesos clusters. Part of Spark’s success is due to the foundation it is built upon, components of the Typesafe Reactive Platform.

  • retail

    Transitioning to Scala: Advice from a developer who helped rebuild with Scala and Play

    community-story What started as a proof-of-concept micro e-commerce site to internally demonstrate the simplicity of Scala code and developer productivity of Play Framework, gained traction and now the Typesafe Reactive Platform is the foundation of Walmart Canada’s new e-commerce platform.

  • online-services

    UK Price Comparison Leader Goes "Reactive" to Fuel Next Phase of Growth

    case-study UK Price Comparison Leader Goes Reactive to Fuel Next Phase of Growth. A Category Leader that Embraces the Startup Mentality

  • Dutch E-Commerce Giant Wehkamp Drives Global Expansion By Modernizing Systems for “Reactive”

    case-study Dutch E-Commerce Giant Wehkamp Drives Global Expansion By Modernizing Systems for Reactive

  • Why we picked Akka cluster as our microservice framework

    community-story Recently at iHeartRadio we decided to migrate our one monolithic Java backend service into multiple microservices, more specifically we decided to implement these microservices as Akka apps and use Akka cluster to weave them into our microservice cluster. This post is about how we reached this decision.

  • UK’s Online Gaming Leader Bets Big on Reactive to Drive Real-Time Personalization

    case-study With real-time customer data becoming the new battleground within the gambling industry, the UK’s online gaming leader William Hill bets big on "Reactive" to drive personalization.

  • financial-services

    UniCredit powers “Fast Data” customer-insight platform with Apache Spark, Scala, Akka and Play

    case-study Facing an inability to easily access and rapidly analyze decades of historical data, UniCredit’s team started on their “fast data” project. The goal was clear: unlock the value in this massive quantity of data that they had never before been able to see in order to understand the needs of future customers.

  • financial-services

    How Apache Spark, Scala, and Functional Programming Made Hard Problems Easy at Barclays

    community-story How Apache Spark, Scala, and Functional Programming Made Hard Problems Easy at Barclays

  • Reactive Drives Innovation in Streaming Music Industry

    case-study How iHeartRadio is Accelerating New Features With Reactive, Microservices and Lightbend Expert Support

  • eCommerce Platform Embraces Microservices Architecture Style

    case-study In order to meet demanding requirements for its wildly popular ecommerce platform, Wehkamp decided to work with components of the Lightbend Reactive Platform. The vision is for the entire platform to be based on a microservices architecture style, using Scala for the development of the functional eCommerce services and Akka for the technical implementation of the actor model.

  • retail

    Tomax Embraces Reactive Systems to Overhaul POS and In-Store Computing User Experience at Leading Retailers

    case-study After completely overhauling its existing client side architecture with the Lightbend Reactive Platform, Tomax also built beautiful, highly responsive new User Experiences for unglamorous tasks like inventory management and shipping / receiving, creating a reactive experience from top to bottom.

  • media

    Huffington Post’s new Publishing Platform on Lightbend

    case-study Huffington Post's amazing popularity spawned the need to make numerous technology decisions rapidly, resulting in a patchwork publishing and content management system that recently turned eight years old. A new, integrated platform was needed to propel them through the next stage of growth.

  • The Lightbend Reactive Platform at Gilt

    case-study The Gilt Groupe was looking to build out next generation services for their incredibly successful e-commerce site predictably and reliably. Gilt turned to the Lightbend Platform, which makes it easy to build software based on the Scala programming language, Akka middleware and Play Framework.

  • online-services

    WhitePages Rebuilds Core Parts of Application Stack with Scala and Akka to Improve Scaling

    case-study Replacing Perl and Ruby applications with Scala-based code and an Akka runtime environment, the WhitePages team delivers order of magnitude improvements in application speed and hardware utilization

  • online-services

    Lightbend helps ticket sales soar at Ticketfly!

    case-study Ticketfly wanted to enter a new and previously untapped market. To do that, they needed a solid foundation on which to build the systems that would support this new offering. The foundation needed to be massively scalable, reliable and highly performing. Ticketfly found that foundation in Typesafe technologies.

  • online-services

    From 5 to 50 Million Users and Beyond: Why Wix Went Reactive

    case-study Wix was founded in 2006, with the goal of simplifying website creation for everyone, regardless of their technical skills Today if your family member needs to create a website to share photos, or if your friend is creating a website for a yoga studio or consultancy business - chances are high that they'll choose Wix. That's because the company has successfully lowered the barrier to entry for anyone who wants to contribute a professional online presence. So much so, that it already has over 50 million registered users, continues to grow by over a million new users a month and in November 2013 started trading on the NASDAQ.

  • technology

    Auvik Networks simplifies enterprise networking

    case-study Managing a network can be complex and full of headaches, especially when your resources are stretched thin. Auvik is creating a cloud managed network automation platform to simplify the complexities of managing network infrastructure. To deliver this vision, they turned to the Lightbend Platform to provide the reliability and scalability their solution needed, so that they could focus on creating value.

  • online-services

    Paycasso Conquers Speed Gap In Three-Factor Authentication With Reactive Stack

    case-study Scala, Akka and Cassandra bring “Fast Data” advantage to global solution provider’s identity verification platform

  • technology

    Lightbend Helps Leading Provider of Live Webinar Platform Go Reactive

    case-study BrightTALK Increases Concurrency and Resiliency of BackEnd Services with Akka and the Actor Model

  • technology

    How Akka helps Appgree Handle High Peak Usage

    case-study With thousands, or even millions, of users needing access to the same result set, synchronizing the data object and handling all of the transactions on the back end is a problem set that led Appgree to the Typesafe Reactive Platform.

  • technology

    Akka, Play and Slick Help Spendgo Innovate Customer Loyalty at the POS

    case-study Akka, Play and Slick Help Spendgo Innovate Customer Loyalty at the POS

  • technology

    Why PredictionIO Loved Using Play to Build its Popular Machine Learning Server

    case-study PredictionIO is a popular open source Machine Learning server that developers use to create predictive features in web and mobile applications. PredictionIO turned to the Typesafe Reactive Platform to build a platform that could support the ongoing requirements to process huge amounts of data.

  • online-services

    Kifi is built from the ground up with the Lightbend Reactive Platform

    case-study Leveraging Scala, Play and Akka, Kifi executes as many as 50 new code deployments per day in a highly aggressive continuous deployment environment

  • internet-of-things

    Lightbend aids in train safety in the Netherlands

    case-study The Typesafe Reactive Platform enabled Xebia to create a solution that allows all parties working on the Dutch rail network to accurately track and account for all cargo moving around the country using mobile devices. In the event of a rail accident, first responders are now armed with accurate information regarding the type of cargo involved and can plan the safest and most expedient way to deal with the situation without putting their lives in unnecessary danger.

  • online-services

    Replacing Cron & Building Scalable Data Pipelines at Airbnb

    community-story At Airbnb, internal tools are just as important as user-facing products, especially where understanding and analyzing user behavior is concerned. In the past, its analytics team used Cron to manage workflows, but they quickly realized sleep statements were not enough for managing complex dependency hierarchies. Learn how Airbnb front-end and back-end engineering came together to build a distributed system for scheduling data pipelines by using Scala with Mesos.

  • technology

    Code Size is down, Performance is up: Why Datazenit went Reactive

    case-study Datazenit swapped out Python/Django back end for Scala and Play Framework for a modern, Reactive architecture.

  • media

    Steering the Future with Scala and Play

    case-study A UK broadcaster required an innovative solution to a bespoke Business Intelligence problem. They selected Valtech, a Global Digital Media Agency to turn their product vision into reality. Always looking for the most suitable and efficient tool for the job, Valtech selected the Typesafe Platform; the combination of a Rapid Application Development web framework, scalability, and interoperability with the Java ecosystem made it a compelling offering.

  • internet-of-things

    Keeping Borders Safe with Akka

    case-study A camera and sensor system with which the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee supports mobile security monitoring near the borders of Germany and Belgium was recently built utilizing components of the Typesafe Platform.

  • technology

    Lightbend aids CCAD in managing cable operations

    case-study Scaling developer productivity, improving code quality and removing locking and contention were reasons that influenced CCAD's decision to move away from the traditional Java-based stack they were using to look for more sustainable alternatives. The Lightbend Reactive Platform assisted CCAD in addressing these issues, and enabled process changes elsewhere in the organization that improved overall product quality too.

  • technology

    Improving development velocity at Janrain

    case-study Consolidating technologies and simplifying the development process were key goals for Anthony Dupré when he assumed the engineering leadership role at Janrain. By leveraging his experience with tools and best practices learned through many years of building mission-critical applications, he quickly enabled his engineering organization to realize dramatic improvements.

  • technology

    Lucid Software uses Lightbend for next generation platform

    case-study When the Lucid Software team was searching for a new architecture foundation that would enable substantial user growth of their flagship product, Lucidchart, they knew that they needed a special toolset that was both productive and highly performant. Lucid Software found their solution in the Lightbend Platform.

  • online-services

    Lightbend gives Klout more Klout!

    case-study Before Klout could branch out into an important new market, they needed to ensure that they could overcome a rapidly growing technical hurdle first - data aggregation across several social networks and data stores in real time, with results instantaneously presented to end-users. Klout turned to the Typesafe Platform for the solution to its Big-Data problem.

  • online-services

    Sharethrough chooses Scala to build industry’s first native ad management system

    case-study Sharethrough is building a native advertising platform based on the belief that traditional display advertising is underperforming and will be replaced by advertising formats that are non-interruptive, with seamless visual integration on the websites on which they appear. They chose Scala and the Lightbend Platform to help meet their functionality and performance objectives.

  • technology

    Managing energy with a Reactive application

    case-study Ensuring that the energy grid functions correctly is a complex task requiring both consumers and producers to work in harmony to maintain required stability. Viridity Energy has built an enterprise software application that hides the complexity of the energy markets, links customer energy usage and market price data and provides clear, actionable information to its customers that can dramatically reduce their energy costs.

  • online-services

    Yap.TV Goes Reactive

    case-study Transitioning from Ruby to the Typesafe Reactive Platform, Yap.TV manages increases in traffic and new problem domains.

  • online-services

    Why Tapad chose the Lightbend Platform

    case-study In today's cutthroat digital economy, companies are continually looking for a competitive edge that leads them to increased revenue. Appropriately targeting advertisements based on empirical data derived from customer behavior is one such edge, however up until recently it was only possible to obtain this information via a users interaction in a solitary web browser. Tapad's innovative product offering transcends the physical barriers between devices and enables advertisers to view a complete picture of user activities in real-time across all devices. Tapad turned to the Lightbend Platform to serve as the basis of this truly remarkable system, capable of handling massive load with huge concurrency requirements, along with SLA's measured in milliseconds.

  • technology

    Lightbend boosts Heluna Anti-Spam Service

    case-study Heluna offers a unique SaaS based anti-spam solution that processes millions of email messages daily. Heluna turned to the Lightbend Platform - made up of Scala, Akka and Play Framework - in order to future-proof the platform, and allow it to easily scale out to process well into the hundreds of millions of e-mails.

  • technology

    A British Consultancy chooses Lightbend

    case-study Cake Solutions offers an interesting view into the decision process behind evaluating and onboarding new technology providers, and how those choices can improve delivery times, product quality and reliability.

  • technology

    Lightbend partner BoldRadius helps Knowtaker bring paper notes into the modern era

    case-study Knowtaker revolutionizes digital note taking by automatically pulling important phrases and reminders out of your notes and placing them front and center in your day-to-day life. BoldRadius' Mike Kelland talks about an original solution to a problem that people are only recently noticing they have.

  • technology

    simpleBI future-proofs product with Lightbend Platform

    case-study A company with a goal to make the power of Business Intelligence affordable to companies of all sizes worked with BoldRadius, a respected partner, to pick and architect a unique solution to this problem.

  • technology

    47 Degrees adopts the Lightbend Platform

    case-study Writing great code isn't enough to guarantee successful deployment of applications anymore. The tools that developers use have never been more important, as users demand sub-second response time from applications that run at internet scale. 47 Degrees talks about how they decided that the Lightbend Platform was the right choice for them.

  • online-services

    HolidayCheck’s journey with Lightbend

    case-study Problems scaling out new international sites dictated a change in HolidayCheck's application development platform and the adoption of a new approach to developing applications.

  • technology

    Primetalk uses Lightbend to power Speech Portal

    case-study Primetalk's Speech Portal is a sophisticated dialog manager that can speak freely with human beings. The Speech Portal's initial version proved itself to be a very valuable tool for customers, however it did not scale well and was rather fragile. The scale and fragility issues were due in part to Speech Portal's basis in Java and reliance on Java concurrency. In order to meet Primetalk's business goals of branching out into the massive telephony handling market, Primetalk turned to the Typesafe Platform for the solutions to the challenges they faced.

  • technology

    Flowdock scales messaging with Akka

    case-study Utilizing familiar tools to build a revolutionary new team collaboration product dictated looking outside the development teams' comfort zone for some highly performant and scalable platform components. Flowdock worked with Scala and Akka from Lightbend to address that need.

  • technology

    Scaling out with Akka at Abiquo

    case-study Unpredictable scaling demands dictated by a groundbreaking, internet-facing cloud provisioning platform required a fresh look at solutions for building massively concurrent applications. Abiquo turned to Lightbend's Akka middleware to help solve the problem.

  • online-services

    BeamStream builds on Lightbend

    case-study Chris Cox was embarking on a new venture. As Co-Founder and CEO of BeamStream, he knew he needed to pick a solid technology platform on which to base his company's groundbreaking new product. With so many choices available, a combination of independent research and working with a trusted partner allowed him to pick the right platform for the job that would give him a running start in a fiercely competitive market.

  • technology

    Building a new product on Lightbend

    case-study Building a production-ready social networking backend in three months with three developers is a daunting task. Learn how the Conspire team did just that with the Lightbend Platform.

  • technology

    Introducing Scala into a Java environment

    case-study Mejsla is a Stockholm-based consulting firm with a focus on the Java platform combined with extensive experience utilizing Play Framework, Akka and Scala from Lightbend. BrandAirport is a leading provider of Marketing Resource Management systems in Sweden and a customer and partner of Mejsla. When BrandAirport needed to develop a new version of a sign and print module, they engaged Mejsla. The solution included a brand new Scala module smoothly integrated with the existing Java environment.