Advanced Akka with Scala

The pinnacle of scalable, reactive applications! Experienced application developers learn to build distributed reactive applications using Akka and Scala, scaling out multiple nodes, remoting and clustering.


  • Developers with basic knowlege of and experience using Scala and Akka, ready to scale to new heights
  • Developers who want to develop resilient, event-driven, scalable applications
  • Managers who want to understand the value of resilient, distributed applications


  • Developers gain knowledge and skills to design large-scale Akka applications
  • Certified Lightbend Trainers share how to configure, test, and tune multiple nodes
  • Production readiness - confidence to use Akka on a large scale!


  1. Akka Basics Reloaded
  2. Remoting
  3. Clustering
  4. Cluster Aware Routers
  5. Cluster Singleton
  6. Cluster Sharding
  7. Akka Persistence
  8. Akka Distributed Data


  • Level: Advanced - knowledge of and practical experience with Akka is assumed
  • Length: Two days - 14 hours of classroom time, plus breaks
  • Approach: Extensive hands-on coding - students develop a workshop case study and produce a fully functional application that is event-driven and resilient
  • Requirements: Students bring their own laptops with Java 6 or higher installed

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