Akka Serverless

A new class of business applications

Building the new class of applications required to transform business doesn’t need to get thrown into the “no thanks, too difficult” wastebasket. With Akka Serverless, cloud-native applications can be built quickly and easily with your existing teams, using the languages they know and love. Because Akka Serverless is stateful serverless architecture there’s no operational impact and the pay only for what you use structure makes it highly cost effective.

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Next-Gen Stateful Serverless

Build globally consistent, scalable and resilient state models

Powered by Akka

Remove the complexity of learning how to manage distributed state

Easy to Build

Technologies and languages your teams already know and use

Build cloud-native apps fast

We predict that serverless computing will grow to dominate the future of cloud computing.

Berkeley CS Dept, Cloud computing simplified: a Berkeley view on serverless computing