Forget servers. Forget databases.
Stateful serverless for every developer.

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Keep the data. Lose the database.

With Akka Serverless you can think about your data and forget about database connection pooling, schema upgrades, or security. Think about your data structure—not the way you need to store it.

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Build stateful services and APIs in 5 min or less

Step 1

Write your API

Step 2

Choose Your State Model

Step 3

Write Your Business Logic

What Beta Customers Are Saying About Akka Serverless

Typically, I spend 80% of my time just dealing with stuff that has nothing to do with the problem I’m trying to solve. With Akka Serverless I got to spend all of my time on the business problem.

James Ward
Developer Advocate, Google Cloud

Akka Serverless is set to be a game-changer, helping to drive greater business agility and empowering technology teams to adopt a wider innovation lens.

Rob Howes
CTO, Judopay

I’d be very disappointed if I couldn’t use Akka Serverless anymore.

Private Beta Participant

Have quite a number of junior engineers that don’t like to spin up a lot of extra infrastructure (like databases). Using Akka Serverless makes a lot of sense.

Cloud Imperium Games

API First Stateful Serverless

Why spend the majority of your time on the back-end when you can spend all your time on business logic?

Akka Serverless provides the building blocks that make it quick and simple for EVERY developer to build highly scalable, low latency stateful APIs and services.


Scalability of serverless infrastructure with the data management and responsiveness of stateful services in one managed, cloud-based environment


No longer worry about OS patches, requesting new hardware, and managing servers


Connection pools, schema definitions, and database partitioning taken care of for you

Domain Driven

Model your domain objects in code, not in database tables

Developer First

Choose your language, your frameworks, and your IDE

Manage Distributed State at Scale

Geo-replication, multi-zone

Any Industry

Any Use Case

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