Akka Serverless

The best of serverless and state without any of the hassle

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Akka Serverless combines the scalability and cost benefits of serverless infrastructure with the data management and responsiveness of stateful services into one managed, cloud-based environment. No database setup or maintenance frees teams to place 100% focus on business logic instead of worrying about the underlying application architecture, data storage or infrastructure. Resulting in accelerated-time-to value delivered in an extremely cost-effective manner with existing developers and serverless cloud infrastructure.

Build cloud-native apps fast

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Architecture for building stateful, high-performance, business-critical systems

New Data-centric API Paradigm

Data delivered to services automatically as needed

Removes the limitations of FaaS

All the advantages of serverless infrastructure but now with stateful services

Easy to Build

Development environments and languages teams already know and use

We predict that serverless computing will grow to dominate the future of cloud computing.

Berkeley CS Dept, Cloud computing simplified: a Berkeley view on serverless computing