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< Install Akka Serverless CLI, and create an account
~/ $ brew install lightbend/brew/akkasls
~/ $ akkasls auth signup

< Deploy your first API
~/ $ akkasls quickstart download customer-registry-views-java
~/ $ cd customer-registry-views
~/customer-registry-views $ ## Update your Docker registry in pom.xml
~/customer-registry-views $ mvn deploy
~/customer-registry-views $ akkasls services proxy customer-registry --grpcui 

What You can Build with Akka Serverless

IoT Platforms

  • Digital twins
  • In-line analytics
  • Lightweight processing

Real-Time Financial Services

  • Fraud detection
  • In-line machine learning
  • In-app personalization

Web-Based Gaming

  • User sessions & game state
  • In-line analytics
  • In-app personalization

Messengers & Chatbots

  • Chat sessions
  • Online/Offline presence
  • Chatbot routing

Streaming Media Platforms

  • Viewer state
  • In-line analytics
  • In-app personalization

Distributed eCommerce Systems

  • Resilient carts
  • In-app and in-store personalization
  • In-line analytics


Multiple Database Types

Pick between Key/Value, Event Sourcing and Conflict-Free Replicated Data Types (CRDTs). But no need for DB spin-up, SQL schema definitons or other DB management and maintenance.

Open Communication Protocols

HTTP/gRPC/Pubsub/Kafka for ingress/egress/inter-service communication and data exchange/message delivery. Eliminates cross-team confusion and frustration and allows for best tool for the job.

Write in Java, JS, TypeScript, Scala, Python and More

SDKs available for popular languages. Quickstarts, samples and tutorials all included to further make the developer experience fast and productive.

Dev Tools Integrations, including IDE, CI/CD and Logging

Use favorite editors like Visual Studio Code for development and enhance devops processes with integrations into CI/CD pipelines.

0ms Cold Starts

Either work with us for pre-provisioned capacity or use the default configuration and still get 0ms starts for your services.

No Infrastructure Required

No need to setup databases, configure service meshes, tune caching layers. All provided out-of-the-box and transparent to the developer.

Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) Pricing

Akka is known for efficiency and that helps us deliver cost-effective, no-surprises billing for our customers.


Your data is your data, encrypted at rest and in motion. Your users are your users and you can use integrated auth support (JWT).

Start Building Real-Time Services in Just Three Steps

Step 1

Write your API

Step 2

Choose your State Model

Step 3

Write your Business Logic

Customers Love Akka Serverless

Typically, I spend 80% of my time just dealing with stuff that has nothing to do with the problem I’m trying to solve. With Akka Serverless I got to spend all of my time on the business problem.

James Ward
Developer Advocate, Google Cloud

Akka Serverless is set to be a game-changer, helping to drive greater business agility and empowering technology teams to adopt a wider innovation lens.

Rob Howes
CTO, Judopay

I’d be very disappointed if I couldn’t use Akka Serverless anymore.

Private Beta Participant

Have quite a number of junior engineers that don’t like to spin up a lot of extra infrastructure (like databases). Using Akka Serverless makes a lot of sense.

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Free Trial

  • Free usage credits
  • Use all features
  • Invite team members
  • Single region deployment
  • Limited to 100rps
  • Lowest latency after the first request
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Amount of CPU time associated with the running of the user’s service, measured in vCPU/h

vCPU per hour


Memory associated with the running of the user’s service, measured in GB/h

per gigabyte per hour

Data Operations

Amount of CPU time associated with the running of the user’s service, measured in vCPU/h

per 1 million operations

Persisted Storage

All data created by the user’s service that is stored in the product’s database, measured by the total of gigabytes stored of a period of time (per hour)

per gigabytes stored per hour

Network Traffic (Egress)

Any developer generated network data leaving the user’s service and exiting the Akka Serverless network

per gigabyte per hour

Pay-as-you-go Support

Email support is provided for all non-Enterprise customers. Additional support tiers are available. Please contact us for more information.

Enterprise Pricing

Dedicated capacity, bulk capacity pricing, custom SLAs, premium support and different deploy options can be delivered as part of our Enterprise packages. Please contact us for pricing and more information.

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